Workshops and training

We have a range of workshops and training available to help our staff and students maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle, and make a better community for all.

Respect at Monash online module

This module will help Monash students look out for one another, making everyone's time at university a great one.

Supporting survivors of sexual assault

Designed for all Monash students and staff, this online module teaches you how to respond with support and respect if someone confides in you about a sexual assault.

BRIGHT training

This interactive Zoom workshop is designed to empower women and help prevent sexual violence.

Bystander Intervention Toolkit to Prevent Everyday Sexism

Our online bystander action seminar will teach you the skills you need to intervene and support those experiencing sexist behaviour.


Required for all new students living on campus, this one-hour online course covers sex, consent and fostering a respectful culture.

Flip the script

This workshop for women flips the social scripts to empower and help prevent sexual violence.

The Masculinities Project

This pilot project is an opportunity for young men-identifying students to attend an intensive ‘mobiliser’ program focused on their role to promote gender equality and prevent Gender-Based Violence.