Receiving a Notice of Referral and Hearing

If you get a Notice of Referral and Hearing from your faculty, don't ignore it.

You have the option of replying, which must be in writing. For help with this, see the section further down on writing your reply.

If you feel that issues affecting your study are unable to be resolved, you can withdraw from your course. If you're planning on withdrawing, you should always get advice from your faculty first. We have a number of support programs that may help you continue with your studies.

Know your rights

Student rights officers run information sessions each year. They give advice on disciplinary matters, grievances and academic progress concerns. They can also help you reply to the notice of referral and hearing. You'll be able to speak to a counsellor at these sessions.

For contact details, see student advocacy and support.

Writing your reply

Explain why you've failed

Your reply needs to:

  1. show that you understand why you failed
  2. explain the issues that affected your study
  3. detail the steps you will take (or have taken) to make sure you don't fail again
  4. say why you want to continue your course
  5. specify if you would like to attend a hearing.

You can include information about your personal situation if it's relevant.

You should also include any supporting documents that'll strengthen your case. This may include a letter confirming your situation from a counsellor or doctor.

Say if you want to attend the hearing

If the faculty is happy with your reply, you'll be allowed to continue your course. In some cases, there will be conditions that you'll need to meet in the following semesters. If the faculty still has questions, you'll be called to an Academic Progress Committee hearing.

If you stated you want to attend a hearing, you'll be able to respond to concerns the committee may have in person.

See attending an Academic Progress Committee hearing.


If you're sure you want to withdraw from your course entirely, you need to apply for course discontinuation.

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