International students

Moving to a new country to study can be daunting, especially if you are living away from family for the first time. That's why we offer a wide range of services that support you before and after you arrive in Australia. We want you to get the most out of your time at Monash.

This page outlines our support services specifically targeted to international students. But don't forget that as a Monash student you're also able to harness lots of other programs. See our student life and support section to learn more.

For a list of contacts and forms organised in a timeline for when you might need them, see contacts, forms and  checklists for international students.

Note that not all services are available on all campuses.

Before you arrive

Our pre-departure briefings cover everything you'll need to know before you arrive. Make sure you read Destination Monash

Monash University welcomes all new international students with a free airport pick up service to take you to your accommodation.

Learn about your accommodation options, and find out more about preparing to arrive.

After you arrive

Meeting other students

We want you to develop social connections both with other international students and with Australian students – you can share experiences and learn about Australia together.

Monash students run all sorts of associations – academic, social, spiritual and special interest. Seek out a group or club that suits your interests. If you want to develop a new interest, the Monash Short Course  Centre runs short courses with discounts for Monash students. Courses include dancing, photography and ceramics.

You can also connect with other students on our Facebook page or Twitter account . And here's even more ways to make connections.

Connecting with Monash

Monash Connect can answer current student questions about administrative services like enrolment, fees and travel concessions and give advice about visas, eCOE, and residency. You can also find out about financial assistance and off-campus accommodation.

Once you have your student login, you can use for online help.

The International Students Newsletter has useful information about news and forthcoming events for students studying at Monash University's Victorian campuses.

For extra help

Student life and support  services is a hub of information about childcare, counselling, and student grievances.

If English isn't your first language, communication can be difficult. English Connect has a range of courses andworkshops to improve your English while you study. If you need help getting started, a Monash University  English language course can help.

If you're struggling with money, find out about financial assistance.

Disability Services supports students with disability, medical or mental health conditions to study at Monash.

The Library at Monash offers a great range of resources if you're looking for extra support. These include study guides, online tutorials, library guides and more.

Monash's Language and Learning Online tool is a collection of resources to help improve your academic performance, including study skills, writing and grammar. These resources include online tutorials, interactive exercises, and examples of Writing for Subjects.

Faculty support and mentoring programs

Many Faculties offer in-house support services by qualified and experienced staff as well as supporting mentoring programs.

Arts - Ambassador Program

Art, Design and Architecture - Help and support

Business and Economics - Business Peer Mentoring Program

Education - Student Ambassador  Program

Engineering - Engineering online resources and Engineering Mentor Scheme

MNHS – Student Academic Support Unit (SASU)

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences - Student Mentor Program

Science - Help and support

Life at university

Current students is where you'll find student administration and everything else you need to know about once you start studying. And take advantage of our study resources.

You'll learn a lot about university during O week. Find out about orientation on your campus.

Education Services for  Overseas Student (ESOS) provides links to government resources explaining the rights and responsibilities of international students and Monash University.

Visa information

You should understand how your visa works. Learn more about managing your visa.