Adjust timeslots in Allocate+

Semester two 2020 update

To align with the current Stage 4 restrictions introduced by the Victorian Government, your timetable for weeks 4-7 (24 Aug - 18 Sep) will be released by 5pm, on Friday, 14 August.

You can continue to make changes to your schedule where possible until 5pm on Friday 4 September. If a place is unavailable because the class is full, you can join a waitlist.

Your timetable for classes scheduled after mid-semester break (5 October) onwards will be available from 5pm on Thursday, 17 September.

For further information, see the fact sheet.

After the Allocate+ preference entry period closes, the system reopens for you to make final adjustments to your timetable. You need to check for clashes and resolve them as soon as possible as it's first-come, first-serve during the adjustment period. See Allocate+ dates.

  • If you make changes to your enrolment in WES, it takes two hours for the changes to appear in Allocate+.
  • Allocate+ confirms your changes immediately if spaces are available.
  • Moodle updates can take up to three days if you make a change after the start of the teaching period. You won't be able to access online tutorials until it does.

Login to Allocate+ to adjust your allocations

Check your timetable by clicking Timetable in the menu (top right of your screen).

Your unit activities (classes) are listed on the left of the screen, with their status in brackets. During the adjustment period, you can:

  • make changes to units with the ADJUST status
  • check units that don't have an allocated activity (those with the SELECT status)
  • request a swap into an activity that is full
  • remove yourself from an activity.

Making changes to units with the ADJUST status

  1. Click the unit activity you want to change. (The green Allocated button shows the current timeslot for the activity).
  2. Pick another timeslot using the Select button.

You don't need to manually remove yourself from the allocated activity. The system automatically does this for you when you select another activity.

Once you've made another selection, a message appears confirming the change.

Your new timeslot will show as Allocated.

Checking units that don't have an allocated activity

  1. Click the activities that have the SELECT status.
  2. Review the available timeslots.
  3. Pick another timeslot using the Select button.

You'll see a message confirming the change. Your new timeslot shows as Allocated.

If you can't find times to select without creating a clash in your timetable, see fix timetable problems.

Requesting a swap into a full activity

Once you've clicked on your activity in the left panel, the green Allocated button shows the timeslot you're allocated to.

You can request to swap into any timeslots where there's a full class. To do this, click the heart icon next to the full timeslot you want to swap into. A message displays confirming the request.

If a space is available straight away, you’ll be instantly allocated to the new timeslot – it shows as Allocated in your timetable.

If a space becomes available at a later stage, you’ll receive an email confirming the change, and the new time will show as Allocated in your timetable.

Removing yourself from an activity

There are two ways of removing yourself from an activity in Allocate+.

Automatic removal

If you're allocated to an activity and you click Select on another activity, the system automatically removes you from the first activity.

Manual removal

You have the option of removing yourself manually from an activity as well. Simply click the bin symbol next to the activity.

Once you remove yourself from an activity, the timeslot becomes available for other students, so you may not get it back if you change your mind. Ensure you select another timeslot so you don't miss out!

Once you’ve finished

Once you've made the changes needed, it's a good idea to review your timetable again to make sure you're happy with it. If you have any other issues, see fix timetable problems.

At the end of the adjustment period, the timetable you see in Allocate+ is your final timetable. No further changes can be made.

Melbourne-based students (subject to Victorian Government restrictions)

Check your timetable regularly

Since your classes will be taught in a blended mode (that is, some will be online and some will be on campus), you’ll need to check your timetable each day to see whether or not you have to come to campus.

Study spaces on campus

On some days, you might have a mix of on-campus and online classes. If you need to do an online class while you’re on campus, you can use one of our quiet places, which cater for physical distancing.

To find study spaces on your campus, see study spaces.

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