Adjust timeslots in Allocate+

After Allocate+ closes the preference entry mode, it reopens so you can make final adjustments to your timetable (adjustment mode). You should check for any clashes and resolve them. It's a good idea to do this early, as it's first-come, first-serve during the adjustment mode. See Allocate+ dates.

Confirmed changes

Allocate+ confirms your changes immediately.

Moodle updates may take up to three days if you make a change after the start of the teaching period. You won't be able to access online tutorials until it does.

Login to Allocate+ to adjust your preferences

Check your timetable by clicking on Timetable in the menu on the top left of your screen. Sample screenshot
Your units activities (classes) are listed down the left side with their status in brackets. During adjustment mode, you can change any units with a status of (ADJUST).

Also check for units with (SELECT) status as these aren't allocated a time and won't appear in your timetable. You need to allocate a timeslot for these.

We'll use the Psychology activity, Consulation in this example.
Sample screenshot
Once you click the unit activity, you'll see your options.

In this example, the green Allocated button shows the current timeslot for this activity. You can change it to any of the timeslots with Select.

Any red buttons with Clash indicate the timeslots that you have already chosen for other activities.

Warning: Once you select a new timeslot, your old timeslot is up for grabs by other students, so you may not get it back if you change your mind.
Sample screenshot
Once you've made another selection, you'll see a message confirming the change. Sample screenshot
Your new timeslot will show as Allocated. Sample screenshot
Go through and adjust any activities and make sure you don't have any clashes. If you can't resolve them, see fix timetable problems.

You'll find more help in Allocate+ so look out for the Allocate+ Help? tab on the right of the screen.

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