Enter preferences in Allocate+

Check Allocate+ access dates to see when the system will be open and accepting preferences.

For class activities such as tutorials, laboratories and practicals, you can nominate your preferred times for class activities. During this time, preferences are not considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. The preferences are then sorted by the system to create a timetable that suits as many students as possible.

Lectures work differently as you select from the available times and the first students to select that time will be allocated.

To better understand Allocate+, see Allocate+ features and functionality.

Login to Allocate+ to enter your preferred class times

Help with entering preferences

Your units are listed on the left side of the screen.

If the list is wrong, check your enrolment in WES.

Below each unit is a list of activities (lecture, tutorial, etc.). It's for these activities that you need to allocate class times.

Choose each activity with a red icon.


For lectures, select a timeslot rather than nominate a preference. This is why you'll see the (SELECT) status next to the lecture. Once you click on the lecture, click the Select button next to your preferred timeslot.

Tutorials, labs, etc.

You're given a range of timeslots and the system shows how many preferences you need to provide. Then, in the preference column, put your preferred class times in order, from 1 (most preferred) to least preferred. Save your preferences.

Follow this process for each of your units and ensure all activities are allocated. You'll know they're all allocated if they all have a green tick in the panel on the left.

You get another chance to change your preferred times once the system sorts then reopens for the adjustment period.

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