Enter preferences in Allocate+

Allocate+ must be in preference entry mode. Check Allocate+ access dates.

During the preference entry mode, you choose your preferred times for your class activities. Activities include lectures, tutorials and lab work.

At this stage, it doesn't matter who enters preferences first. This system will sort all preferences to minimise clashes before reopening for the adjustment mode.

Login to Allocate+ to enter your preferred class times

Help with entering preferences

Your units are listed on the left side of the screen.

Each unit has activities underneath (lecture, tutorial, etc.). It's these activities that you need to allocate preferred class times.

If the list is wrong, check your enrolment in WES.

If an activity is run only once, the system will allocate you automatically.
Sample screenshot
  • Units with a green tick have been allocated for you by your faculty.
  • Those with yellow have allocations pending approval.
  • Units marked with red need to be allocated.
Sample screenshot
Choose each activity with a red status.

Put your preferred class times in order from 1 (most preferred) to least preferred. The system will tell you how many preferences you need to enter.
Sample screenshot
Near the top right of the screen you can switch to calendar view or back to grid view.Sample screenshot
Don't forget to save your preferences before moving on to the next activity. Ensure all class activities for your units have been allocated. You get another chance to change your preferred times once the system sorts then reopens for the adjustment period.Sample screenshot
Activity times may be changed or cancelled

It's a good idea to check Allocate+ each week as we don't notify you if activities change or are cancelled during the preference period.

Next step: After the sort, check and adjust your allocations.

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