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Weighted average mark (WAM)


The Weighted Average Mark (WAM)  is a more precise measure of your academic performance than the Grade Point Average. This is because we base the calculation on your actual marks and the year level of each unit. The WAM is the average mark you achieve across all completed units in a course. We use the WAM as an entry requirement for some honours and graduate courses.

We will calculate your WAM for your award course if you started on or after semester one, 2008. It will appear on your academic record.

We do not calculate the WAM for Masters by Research and PhD courses.

Online calculator

Use the online calculator to estimate a WAM.


WAM is weighted according to the:

  • credit point value of each unit
  • year level weighting of each unit.
Year level of unit Year level weighting
First year (undergraduate) 0.5
All other year levels 1.0

All units designated as first year are weighted 0.5, regardless of the sequence or year in which you take the unit. For example, if you complete a first-year unit in your third year of study, it will be weighted 0.5, not 1.0.

Grades not included in the calculation:

  • SFR (satisfied faculty requirements)
  • NE (not examinable)
  • NAS (not assessed)
  • WI (withdrawn incomplete)


WAM = Σ (first year unit marks × unit credit points × 0.5)
+ Σ (later year unit marks × unit credit points × 1.0)
Σ (first year unit credit points × 0.5)
+ Σ (later year unit credit points × 1.0)

  • multiply the unit mark by unit credit point value and then by the year level weighting
  • sum the resulting values (weighted marks)
  • multiply the unit credit point value by the year level weighting
  • sum the resulting values (weighted credit points)
  • divide the sum of the weighted marks by the sum of the weighted credit points
  • calculate to three decimal points.


Unit Year
Year level
Grade Unit
Weighted mark
(year level weighting
× unit mark
× unit credit points)
Weighted credit points
(year level weighting
× unit credit points)
MON1001 1 0.5 63 C 6 189 3
MON1002 1 0.5 80 HD 12 480 6
MON1003 1 0.5 40 N (fail) 6 120 3
MON1004 1 0.5 85 HD 6 255 3
MON2001 2 1.0 96 HD 24 2304 24
MON2002 2 1.0   WN (withdrawn fail) 6 0 6
MON3001 3 1.0 65 C 6 390 6
MON3002 3 1.0 77 D 6 462 6
MON4001 4 1.0 82 HD 6 492 6
 4692 63

WAM = 4692 ÷ 63
WAM = 74.476

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