DigiChat – Online career consultations

DigiChat is a 20-minute online session with one of our experienced Career Connect advisers. You can use your phone or Google Hangouts.

Employability development DigiChat

Book a session to figure out exactly what skills you need to thrive in the workplace. Get help with your interview techniques. Or chat about how to develop your overall employability.

To be eligible for this type of DigiChat, you need to be in your next-to-last or last year of study and have completed any one of our How-to workshops.

Book development DigiChat

Career planning DigiChat

If you're in your last year at Monash, you can now book a session with a qualified career counsellor accredited by the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA). They'll help you make decisions about your occupation and give you advice on how to manage your career.

To be eligible for this type of DigiChat, you need to be in your last year of study and have completed:

Book planning DigiChat

When to book and how often

You can book your DigiChat session as soon as you’ve completed a required workshop. If you’ve already completed one, you can book right away.

You’re entitled to one DigiChat session – either type – every 60 days. Available appointments are limited.