How to confirm student qualifications

Depending the date of graduation, you have three options to confirm a Monash student's qualifications or their current enrolment.

Employers confirming qualifications

We strongly recommend employers use option 1 to confirm qualifications. This requires written consent from the student, as enrolment status and qualifications are not on the public record - unlike graduations, which are.

With permission from the student, our staff can run more comprehensive searches, including non-electronic records.

About the three search options

It's important to know that qualification/course completion is not the same as graduation.

A student can complete their course successfully but choose not to graduate. In this case they will not appear in search options 2 and 3.

1. Confirm a qualification or enrolment

Any date
With written consent from the student or graduate, request confirmation of qualifications or current enrolment.

Confirm qualifications or enrolment (any date)

2. Search for a Monash graduate

1978 – current
Search our graduate database. You'll need to know the graduates full name and date of birth or year of graduation.

Search for Monash graduates (1978 – current)

3. Graduation ceremonies database

1963 – 2010
Search graduation ceremonies held by Monash University (1963 – 2010) and its amalgamation partners (ranging from 1968 – 1990).

Search for Monash graduates (1963 – 2010)

Official documents

Monash University provides these official documents in both hard copy and digital format:

  • award certificate (testamur)
  • academic record
  • Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

There are a few ways to check the authenticity of a Monash graduate and their qualifications, depending on their format.

What to look for

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