On or off-campus study mode


  • Most courses are on-campus
  • You attend lectures, tutorials etc in person, with other students
  • We teach some units online. You may be able to study some of your on-campus degree without attending a campus


  • Some courses are offered off-campus (distance education)
  • You are not required to attend classes on campus (or this is kept to a minimum)
  • Units have the same content and equivalent assessment as on-campus units
  • You use independent or online learning materials
  • Some units have regular group tutorial/study sessions

Mixed or multi-modal

  • Some courses have units that are offered on and off-campus
  • You may be able to study some off-campus units as part of an on-campus course

Research students may do some or all of their research on or off-campus, depending on the course requirements.

Day or evening class type

Some faculties do not offer:

  • night classes for undergraduate units
  • day classes for graduate units.

Where possible, you can change your unit class type in WES, eg day to evening. View the instructions.

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