Exam information for off-campus students

Exam venues

We have a network of exam venues within Australia and overseas. Where you sit your exams will depend on where you live. To see the full address of your exam venue, click the venue field on your exam timetable.

If you live:

  • in the metropolitan area of a capital city, you'll sit your exam at the capital city venue
  • outside the metropolitan area but within 150km of a location on the list, you'll sit at that venue
  • more than 150km from the closest exam venue, you'll need to nominate a venue.

Nominate a venue

If your timetable indicates you must nominate a venue, you must choose from the list of exam venues within Australia and overseas and follow the directions below.

Change your exam venue

See exam dates for the deadline to nominate your exam venue.

150kms from a Monash exam venue

If you live more than 150km (one-way trip) from the nearest exam venue on the list, you can apply for a Special Local Invigilator (SLI) to supervise your exams.

To apply

Find a suitable person in your local area. For example, a:

  • certified practising accountant
  • company training officer
  • librarian
  • police officer
  • retired teacher
  • school principal
  • solicitor
  • university or TAFE exam officer.

This person must:

  • not be a close friend or relative, or have a vested interest in your studies
  • be able to read and understand English
  • be available to supervise your exam on the set date at the specified time
  • not leave you unsupervised during the exam.

Then you must:

You must meet the application deadlines

  • If you don't nominate or change your exam venue in time, you will be charged a $100 late fee.
  • We may refuse a late nomination.
  • WES will update your changes within seven days. Please login and check it is correct.
  • We will notify you by your student email account if your request is unsuccessful.

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