eExams using Safe Exam Browser

Some eExams without supervision use a lock-down browser to prevent you accessing other programs and your desktop during your exam.

You can find out if your final eExam will use Safe Exam Browser by checking your assessment timetable in Allocate+. If you’re not sure, check with your lecturer or your unit’s Moodle page.

What to expect using Safe Exam Browser

Safe Exam Browser supports academic integrity by temporarily removing the ability to copy or paste information from other sources, and preventing access to programs, websites, system functions, and unauthorised resources on your device.

Because Safe Exam Browser locks down your device, certain keyboard functions will be different:

  • Alt+Tab won’t allow you to change windows. You’ll only have access to the exam window
  • Right-click to copy text doesn’t work – use the following keyboard shortcuts instead:
Functions and their keyboard shorcuts for Windows and Mac operating systems
Copy Control + C Command + C
Paste Control + V Command + V
Bold Control + B Command + B
Italic Control + I Command + I
Underline Control + U Command + U

Prepare for your eExam with Safe Exam Browser

Step 2

Confirm Safe Exam Browser is working properly by doing the Safe Exam Browser test exam.

On the day of your eExam

Step 1

At least 30 minutes before your exam is due to start, close down any open applications on your device and if you’re on-campus make sure you’re connected to Eduroam.

Step 2

Open a Google Chrome Incognito window and log into the eAssessment platform using your Monash username and password. You’ll need to type your password in and use multi-factor authentication.

Step 3

Navigate to your unit’s eExam

Step 4

Click Launch Safe Exam Browser and enter your login details again. This activates the lock-down functionality on your device so all you have access to is your eExam.

Step 5

At the scheduled start time, the Start Exam button will turn blue and allow you to begin your exam.

Step 6

Once you’ve submitted your eExam, you’ll be redirected back to the landing page of your exam. You must click Exit Safe Exam Browser to restore your computer’s normal functionality. If you don’t do this, your computer will remain locked.

Need help?

If you need help with installing or setting up Safe Exam Browser, contact the Service Desk.

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