eExam rules

Setting up your eExam space for online supervision

You’ll need to provide exam conditions in the space where you’ll be sitting your exam. This means conditions that are very similar to what you’d expect in an exam venue. These will be verified by your Monash online supervisor on exam day.

You’ll need a quiet private room with a door. We suggest that you let your friends and family know that you’re sitting your exam and require a private quiet space for the duration of the exam. Put a sign on your door asking people to come back later and turn your voicemail on. The room must have good lighting, but light must not shine directly onto your webcam.

If you have a closed-book exam:

  • remove all study materials from the room
  • ensure there are no stickers, notes or writing on your computer device
  • if you have dual monitors, remove one of the monitors: you’re only allowed to use one monitor in the exam
  • ensure nothing is on the floor under your desk.

During the exam:

  • the door must be closed
  • no one is allowed to enter your room
  • background noise must be kept to a minimum.

Exam-day rules

  1. You can’t reschedule your eExam session. You must take your eExam on the date and time outlined in your exam timetable or as instructed by your academic for in-semester tests.
  2. Once you click Join Supervisor, video recording of your exam session will start.
  3. By starting your online exam session, you’re confirming that you’re well enough to take the exam. If you become unwell during your exam, you must immediately notify your online supervisor.
  4. You must stay in sight of your webcam throughout the eExam session. If you ask to leave the room to use the toilet, you’ll be required to leave your phone in front of the camera so it’s visible. The session will continue to be recorded while you’re out of the room.
  5. To ensure you get your full exam time, you need to log into the eAssessment platform 30 minutes before the scheduled start time (if it’s supervised) or 10 minutes before if you have an exam without supervision.
  6. You must present your M-Pass (student ID) or a government-issued photo ID (e.g. your passport) at each supervised eExam session. If you don’t bring photo ID, you may receive a fine or be reported to your faculty.
  7. Your exam duration includes reading time; however, you can start answering as soon as the exam begins if you want to.
  8. During the exam, you must not have in your possession any book, notes, paper, calculator, pencil case, mobile phone, smart watch/device, writing on any part of your body, or any other material which hasn’t been authorised for the exam. Possession of unauthorised materials, or attempting to cheat or cheating in an exam, is a disciplinary offence.
  9. You must show that you’ve switched off your phone and it must be out of arm’s reach. For eExams with supervision, wait for your supervisor’s instructions before using your phone to upload any handwritten responses.
  10. Once you’ve finished your eExam, you should review your answers before clicking either the Submit all and finish or the Submit exam and upload answer sheet button. You’ll no longer have access to your exam once you’ve submitted it.

What you can have in your exam room for supervised eExams

Here’s what you're allowed to take into open-book and closed-book exams. We'll regard any material or item on your desk, chair, or person to be in your possession. Possession of unauthorised materials in an exam is a disciplinary offence.

Items you can and can't have in a remote e-Exam room
Item Open-book remote eExams Closed-book remote eExams
  Open-book exams allow you to access notes, texts or resource materials in your exam. Closed-book exams don’t allow you to take notes, books or any other reference material into the exam. You need to rely entirely on your memory to answer questions.
Books, study materials Yes, but you’re not allowed to access soft copy notes on the device you’re using for your eExam (unless specifically instructed by your teaching staff or faculty).

However, you can use a second device to access soft copy notes.
Dictionaries (hard copy) Yes No
Dictionaries (electronic) No No
Notes Yes No
Paper, including blank A4 paper Yes Yes. Before your exam starts your supervisor will confirm whether you’re allowed to use paper in your exam.
Pencil cases Yes No
Bag Your personal belongings are allowed to be in the room, but they must not be in reach during your exam.
Calculators You’ll need to check with your lecturer to see whether your exam requires the use of a calculator and, if so, whether there are restrictions on the type you’re allowed to use.
Cap, hooded top You can wear a cap or hooded top, but you may be asked to remove it as part of your online supervision so we can verify your identity. Your online supervisor may ask you to remove your hood at any time.
Clock There is an inbuilt timer on your eExam screen that will count down the time you have left.
Face masksAs per Victorian Government advice, you’ll need to wear your own face mask or covering while sitting your assessment on campus (with some exceptions, e.g. medical reasons).

You're also required to wear a face mask or covering if you're in a room with other people or in a public space.
Food and drink Yes, food and drink are allowed in your private exam space.
Smartphones You can have your smartphone in your exam but you must switch it off and it must be out of arm’s reach. Your online supervisor will tell you when you're allowed to access your phone.
Headphones Headphones with a built-in microphone are optional for supervised eExams. They must be used only for communicating with your online supervisor. You’re not allowed to listen to music, audio files or speak with anyone other than your online supervisor during your exam.

If you’ve been given permission to take your supervised eExam in a venue on campus, you’ll need to bring headphones with a built-in microphone so you can communicate with your online supervisor clearly and minimise disruption to other students in the same exam room.
Stationery Yes. You can have blue or black pens or HB/2B pencils. You can't have glitter ink pens, as the ink may affect the photo quality of any handwritten responses that may be required.
USB devices No
Watches (digital and smart watches) Smart watches are not permitted in your exam.
Whiteout (correction tape) No. Whiteout can’t be used on any handwritten responses as it may affect the photo quality of your answer. If you make a mistake, you’ll need to rewrite or redraw it.
Specifically permitted items Your lecturer will tell you if there are any specifically permitted items you need to take into your exam. These will also be listed on your exam home screen if they apply. So, for example, normally you’re not allowed to bring in a calculator; however, if your lecturer specifically requests that you bring a calculator, you’re permitted to take one into the exam room.

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