Other study costs

In addition to your course fees, you may be required to pay for activities and materials such as study tours, field trips, protective clothing, unique technology and specialist services like immunisations.

Payments made for other study costs are normally non-refundable, but some faculties may consider refunds in exceptional circumstances. Contact your faculty for further advice.

Check the Handbook for other study costs. These may be listed in the course, unit, or area of study entries.


Some units may require textbooks, which you can purchase new or second hand, or borrow from the library.

For prices, search the Monash Bookshop by faculty, course or unit.

Laptops and other computer devices

We have student computers in our computer labs, libraries and hospitals in Victoria. You may need to provide your own device for classwork or to sit eExams. Your laptop should meet the recommended minimum system requirements (or, in some cases, the system requirements specified by a faculty for a specific degree).

For more information, see:

Photocopying and printing

You’ll need to pay to use the printers in the libraries and computer labs. See printing costs.

Service fees

For information on other costs, see:

Financial assistance

If you need financial assistance to continue your course, or just need help with managing your money, check out our financial support services web page. We have a range of financial services to support you during your studies.

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