Keeping costs down


Spending less than you earn each week is challenging for many students. You may need savings to meet unexpected costs or take up opportunities like studying abroad and travelling. Investigate different offers from reputable banks and financial organisations.

Try to find accounts which:

  • charge low fees and transaction costs
  • pay high interest.

See saving and banking resources at the government's Money Smart website.

Concessions and discounts

Health Care Card

For most low income Australian tertiary students. Eligibility is based on an income test over an eight-week period. Apply to Centrelink for a card.

Entitles holders to discounts on:

  • some prescription medicines
  • dental, optical treatment and ambulance travel
  • some utility bills (gas, electricity, water rates)
  • fares on public transport.

Monash student ID card

Reduced entry to movies, museums and art galleries. Ask for discounts when shopping for goods and services.

Public transport concessions and discounts

Gets you cheaper public transport fares. If you're eligible, a form will be available in the Web Enrolment System (WES). Visit the Public transport concessions page for more information.

The Monash Commuter Club offers a ten per cent discount on a yearly travel pass for students who aren't eligible for a concession card.

Monash software licensing

The Monash University Software Catalogue lists software available to University staff and students and how it can be accessed.


Infoxchange provides affordable IT services which includes selling recycled PCs. Infoxchange is a not for profit community organisation based in Melbourne.

Student associations

For all students. You can access welfare support, free events, activities and food. Check with your student association for memberships and discounts.

Tips for reducing spending


  • Make lunch instead of buying it
  • Cook meals at home
  • When making dinner, make enough so there are leftovers for lunch the next day

Grocery shopping

  • Shop at markets, wholesalers


  • Shop at factory outlets, opportunity shops and markets


  • Student clubs and societies are a great way to enjoy inexpensive activities
  • Attend free galleries, concerts and events
  • Borrow DVDs from the on-campus libraries


  • Carpool to ease petrol and parking costs
  • Walk or cycle where possible


  • Check out Monash marketplace (via and on-campus notice boards
  • Try the trading post, opportunity shops, garage sales


  • Insurances may seem expensive until you need the cover
  • Shop around for suitable cover for large items such as cars, bikes, laptops and iPads, house and contents insurance
  • Take out ambulance membership - if needed, ambulance transport can be very expensive

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