SafeTALK: Suicide prevention

Building a suicide-alert community

SafeTALK is a half-day alertness workshop that prepares anyone, regardless of experience or training, to become a suicide-alert helper. Most people with thoughts of suicide don't truly want to die, but are struggling with the pain in their lives. Through their words and actions, they invite help to stay alive. SafeTALK-trained helpers can recognise these invitations and take action by connecting them with life-saving mental health support.

Aims of the program

The training runs for three and a half hours and you will learn how to:

  • notice and respond to situations where thoughts of suicide may be present
  • provide practical help by using the TALK steps (Tell, Ask, Listen and Keep safe)
  • act quickly to connect the person with someone trained in suicide intervention
  • contribute to building a safer community.

Participants need to be aware that this course is not a therapy or support group - rather it is focused on education and skill development. Due to the nature of the content that is covered, it is important that people undertaking the course are feeling relatively robust when they undertake it.

Who can attend

All staff and students are encouraged to attend. SafeTALK training is for anyone who wants to help prevent suicide, become suicide alert, and contribute to a safer community.

Student registrations

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Staff registrations

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Group registrations (students and staff)

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Contact for enquiries

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