Queer 101

This training is aimed at Monash students wishing to gain a greater understanding of diverse genders and sexualities, and empower them to make positive change in support of LGBTIQ people within their communities.

The training will cover the basics of the LGBTIQ acronym, the differences between sex, sexuality, and gender identity and expression, look at some of the key issues faced by the LGBTIQ community (including gender binaries and heteronormative culture), and empower students to make a positive impact and foster an inclusive campus culture.

This training can be delivered on request to student groups (tutorial groups, clubs, leadership programs). Please contact us for more information at

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Ally Network training

Monash has a trained network of allies across its Australian campuses available for information, support and referral. Allies can be contacted by both students and staff.

To become part of the Ally Network, you need to complete this practical and hands-on training on how to be an ally to LGBTIQ students and staff.

Delivered by Pride in Diversity this workshop provides staff with an understanding of why LGBTIQ inclusion is important to Monash and explains the role and expectations of being an ally. It also provides background information and explaining concepts such as homophobia, coming out, and heteronormativity.

Learning outcomes

This session aims to:

  • explain the aims and purpose of the Ally Network
  • help you understand the meaning of the LGBTIQ acronym and the concepts of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression
  • make you aware of the unique challenges that may be faced by LGBTIQ students and staff
  • have a good understanding of the role individuals play in creating a more inclusive culture
  • help you develop skills to be an active ally at Monash.

Once you're trained and registered as an ally, you'll receive regular professional development opportunities to maintain and further develop your skills.

This training can be delivered on request to staff groups. Please contact us for more information at

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