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Connect with an expert online

Learning Advisers
If you want to make sure you are on track with your learning and assessments, you can book a consultation with a learning adviser. Learning advisers are study and academic skills experts. The 25 minute appointment will be held online on Zoom. Once booked, you’ll receive a link to use at the time of your appointment. Just make sure that you’re logged into your Monash student account and you have a reliable internet connection.

Academic English
Learn HQ  has resources to help you with your academic English skills.  You can also book in with an adviser for help with your academic English expression or grammar.

Assessment support
Book in with a learning adviser to get feedback on how you are tracking with an assignment. You can also access the Feedback Studio to get quick feedback on a part of your assignment draft.

Improve your English conversation skills
English Connect has plenty of resources to help you to practice your spoken English, as well as  social and professional communication skills. To learn more, see English Connect Online.

Self help resources to support your study and research

Learn HQ
Learn HQ is the home of online assessment, learning, academic English and academic integrity resources at Monash University. You will find resources on resources such as effective reading and note-taking, understanding and working on assignments, preparing for assessments and exams, improving academic English, and understanding the dos and don’ts of academic integrity.

Subject Guides
The Library provides subject guides specific to your faculty, unit, or topic that link to useful research tools, websites, databases and resources. Topics include using the Library Search tool and citing and referencing for your assignments.

Meet with a librarian online
You can get one-on-one research help with an expert at a Meet with librarian online session.  Librarians work with students to help them find relevant sources for research and assignments. They can also help to develop your citing and referencing skills.

Textbooks and reading lists
You might be able to access textbooks online. See if your textbook is available by using the Library Search tool.

Does your unit have a reading list? Search by unit code to access a list of weekly prescribed or recommended readings.

Specialist support

Support for first-year students
If you need help to stay on top of your units, join Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS). These sessions are run by a senior student who covers unit content and suggests approaches to study effectively. .

Support for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students
The William Cooper Institute provides cultural connection and range of support, including tutoring and textbook subsidies.
Our Indigenous Academic Enhancement Program (IAEP) also provides one-on-one tutoring. You can request a tutor by completing the registration form.

Disability, medical or mental health support
Monash has support available for those who have a disability or an ongoing medical or mental health condition (including students with learning disabilities and those on the autism spectrum). Find out more and register for assistance on the Disability Support Services website.You can also connect with a peer by getting involved in the disability support mentoring program.

Learning technologies

Moodle is an essential go-to point for:

  • course content
  • reading lists
  • assessment and study requirements
  • assignment uploads
  • discussion forums
  • contact information your tutors and lecturers.

Moodle shows you the weekly requirements for your units, recordings you should watch, and scheduled Zoom sessions. Make sure you check Moodle regularly to stay up to date.

If you have questions about your units, Moodle discussion forums are a good starting point. You might feel nervous about using the discussion forums, but a good forum post doesn’t need to be perfect. You can ask questions, offer suggestions, expand on a topic, or offer your own advice to other students – this way, your teachers and peers can help you succeed.

Echo360 and Panopto
You may use Echo360 to watch lecture recordings or Panopto to upload your a video assignment.

Zoom is a technology used to facilitate meetings and online classes.

Technical support
To learn more about our online learning and teaching technologies (including Moodle, Zoom, Panopto, Echo360, eExams and more), you can watch our quick start video guides or take a look at accessing student learning systems.

If you experiencing technical issues, you can submit a request thorugh the MyIT catalogue, or contact the ServiceDesk.

Internet access
If you need internet access, you can connect to the Monash wifi at one of our campus libraries.

Enrolments, units and timetables

These key resources can help you enrol and stay on track while you learn online:

  • Build Digital Capabilities: this page of Learn HQ outlines everything you need to know about successfully studying online and guides you to use some key learning technologies used at Monash.
  • Timetables: find out when your classes will be running.
  • Course advice: contact Monash Connect for guidance on which units to enrol in.
  • Important dates: keep up with key dates.

If you have any questions about enrolment or course administration, contact us at Monash Connect.

Resources to study online successfully

We’ve collated a range of articles and modules to help you succeed while studying online:

Remember to be gentle with yourself while studying online, and try not to worry if things are taking a bit longer than usual. It's helpful to plan your study schedule in small, manageable blocks (e.g. 20 minutes) so you can achieve specific tasks in those windows. If online learning continues to be challenging, book in to meet with a learning adviser for expert assistance and support.

Contact us for further information

For all your questions and for support, contact our friendly team at Monash Connect.