Salaam Monash

Welcome to Monash. We're glad that you've chosen to study with us and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Monash is a large and diverse community and we're proud of our global reach. Each year we welcome students from all over the world, each with their own social, cultural and religious needs. We're committed to ensuring that these students are supported as they settle into their studies and new life in Australia.

For our Muslim students, we've developed a handbook specifically for new students studying in Victoria. 

You can download a copy of the Salaam Monash handbook in different languages:

This handbook will assist you with the process of adjusting to life in Australia and to studying at Monash. Download the handbook to access everything from maps of campus, to lists of social groups to a directory of halal outlets in Victoria. Alternatively, pick a copy up from Monash Connect on your campus. 

If you have questions that the handbook doesn't cover, please contact staff at Monash Connect. They are available to provide advice and assistance. Contact details for Monash Connect