How to use Allocate+

After enrolling in the Web Enrolment System (WES), you can view your units in Allocate+ and create your personal timetable. To do this, use your Monash account to login to Allocate+ .

Timetable process

Special cases

Some activities in Allocate+ won’t follow these preference and adjustment steps. Units with special cases will display notes.

For example, some faculties:

  • don’t allow preferences and open straight into the adjustment stage (e.g. Graduate Monash Business School and South Africa)
  • create a timetable for you (e.g. Medicine, Physiotherapy, Radiography and Pharmacy).

For Allocate+ opening and closing dates, see Allocate+ dates.

Activity types in Allocate+

There are now eight different activity types. For descriptions, see activity types.

If a unit doesn’t show any activities and displays No group available, check you’re enrolled in the unit for the next teaching period. If you’re enrolled and the activity timeslots don’t become available by the end of the preference entry period, contact your faculty for assistance.

Allocate+ features and functionality

Allocate+ uses a range of different features and functions to help you create your timetable.

See Allocate+ features and functionality for an explanation of the:

  • statuses
  • icons
  • buttons
  • swap function
  • live streaming and delayed viewing allocation options
  • new timetable planner

Step-by-step instructions

Help with Allocate+

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