How to use Allocate+

After enrolling in the Web Enrolment System (WES), you can view your units in Allocate+ and create your personal timetable. Start by using your Monash account to log into Allocate+.

When to use Allocate+

To use Allocate+, the system needs to be open (for preference entry or allocation adjustment). For opening times, see Allocate+ dates.

The first step is to enter the preferred times for all your classes – lectures/seminars, tutorials, labs, etc. This is called preference entry.

During preference entry, you can also use the Student Timetable Planner to draft multiple timetables - even including units that you’re not enrolled in. This allows you to see what’s available if you’re planning to change units. For details, see timetable planner.

Special cases

Some activities in Allocate+ won’t follow these preference and adjustment steps. Units with special cases will display notes.

For example, some faculties and schools:

  • don’t allow preferences and open straight into the adjustment stage (e.g. Graduate Monash Business School and South Africa)
  • create a timetable for you. E.g. Medicine, Physiotherapy, Radiography and Pharmacy
    • If you’re studying pharmacy, your on-campus or online study options will automatically be determined by your current study location. If you’re studying pharmaceutical sciences, you will have the option of either on-campus or online workshops.

The time period when you can:

  • check for clashes and make changes if free time slots are available
  • enter new choices if a faculty adds new activities based on popular demand.

During this period, the system works on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once the adjustment period ends, your timetable is final and you can see your activities and room allocations. No further changes can be made.

Melbourne-based students (subject to Victorian Government restrictions)

Check your timetable regularly

Since your classes may be taught in dual mode (a mixture of online and on-campus), you’ll need to check your timetable each day to see whether or not you have to come to campus.

Study spaces on campus

On some days, you might have a mix of on-campus and online classes. If you need to do an online class while you’re on campus, you can use one of our quiet places, which cater for physical distancing.

To find a place to study on your campus, see study spaces.

Activity types in Allocate+

There are eight different activity types.

If a unit doesn’t show any activities and displays No group available, check whether you’re enrolled in the unit for the next teaching period. If you are enrolled, and the activity timeslots don’t become available by the end of the preference entry period, complete our timetable help form and we’ll help you sort out the problem.

Allocate+ features and functionality

Allocate+ uses a range of different features and functions to help you create your timetable.

See Allocate+ features and functionality for all the details.

Help with Allocate+

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