How to use Allocate+

After enrolling in WES, you can view your units in Allocate+ and create your personal timetable. To do this, login to Allocate+ using your Monash account username and password.

Do I need to use Allocate+?

Most faculties expect students to enter activity preferences in Allocate+. Some faculties create your timetable for you.

If you are in the following faculty, you don't need to use Allocate+ to enter class preferences. Your faculty does this for you. You only use Allocate+ to view when your classes are held once the allocation and adjustment periods have run:

Choosing class activity times

The Allocate+ system allows you to nominate preferred times for your class activities (tutorials, labs, etc.). This gives you an opportunity to have input into your personal timetable.

Lecture timeslots aren’t nominated as preferences – you can directly select the timeslot for this type of activity.

For some class activities, there is only one session, so the system will auto-allocate these sessions to your timetable. The system will also do this if you don't nominate preferences for activities with multiple times.

How Allocate+ works

  • Preference entry mode - enter your preferred class activity times
  • System sort - Allocate+ closes and sorts all entries, to assign activity times
  • Allocation adjustment mode - you can check for clashes and make changes
  • System sort - Allocate+ sorts again for the final timetable
  • Read-only mode - view your final timetable. No changes can be made.

See Allocate+ dates for when the system opens and closes.

Step-by-step instructions

Help with Allocate+

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