All undergraduate students can access their timetable online via Allocate+. Due to the highly structured nature of our undergraduate courses, students are automatically allocated an individual, clash free, personalised timetable. Students are not required to submit preferences for teaching activities or build their own timetable.

When will my Semester 1, 2021 timetable be available?

Please refer to the Monash timetable website for full details, noting that your personalised timetable are now available (from 16 February). Further information has been provided by Scheduling Services via email to your Monash student email account.

Re-activation of Campus - COVID-19 safety

All students attending Campus must comply with Faculty, University and Government requirements as in order to ensure the safety and well being of everyone on Campus. Refer to the Monash University COVID-19 Fact Sheet for the latest advice, and the faculty re-activation of campus webpage, which is updated regularly.

Teaching dates

Each teaching year on campus is broken into two semesters, 12 weeks each. Students have a full non-teaching week each semester known as the mid-semester break.

For more information see: Important dates and Semester dates summary

As a full time student you can expect to be on campus anytime between 8.00 am - 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday. It is up to you to organise all other activities (including work commitments) around your timetable. Students cannot change allocated times or groups as outlined in the request for class change guidelines, see below. Attendance at all practical, tutorial and workshop classes is compulsory.

Timetable changes

Students are generally not permitted to change the workshop, tutorial or practical classes to which they are allocated.  Requests for changes will only be considered for exceptional circumstances i.e. chronic medical condition or other significant, and documented, reason.

No changes will be made to cater for student work commitments.

All requests for timetable support including swapping allocated classes (exceptional circumstances only) must be referred to Scheduling Operations using the Allocate+ Help form. Do not email faculty academic or support staff directly.

Cross year enrolment and clashes

Enrolment into multiple year levels (units) in any given semester (e.g taking year one units alongside year two units) may result in an activity clash in your timetable.

We try our best to avoid causing clashes and deliver the best timetable to every student, but in some cases you may end up with a clash. It is your responsibility to check, and resolve your timetable clashes in the  first week of semester.

Every semester you must follow the steps below before the end of week 1: