Use the student timetable planner

The student timetable planner is a new feature in Allocate+ which allows you to plan your potential timetable from the preference entry period onwards.

Use the planner to:

  • check the options for units you're currently enrolled in
  • view times for units you're considering enrolling into.

Once you've drafted what you'd like your timetable to look like, you can allocate directly into activities if there is space available.

How to create a timetable planner

Login to Allocate+

From the menu along the top, click Planner.

Your units are listed on the left, with their class activities.

Create a planner for these units

1. Enter a name for your plan. e.g. Plan1

2. Select the units you're enrolled in.

You can also view the timetable for units you're considering enrolling in. Simply use the search field on the bottom left of the screen.

3. Click the Generate button.

Once generated, the planner shows the unit activities you're now allocated into and the activities for which you still need to select a class.

You can directly allocate yourself into a unit by clicking the Select button next to that activity.

If you decide to make changes to your enrolment, do this using the Web Enrolment System (WES). Changes will show up in Allocate+ within two hours. You can then allocate yourself into the unit.

To view the plan in a weekly calendar view, click the grid icon in the top right corner.

To edit your plan or allocate into some of its activities, click the list view icon (next to the grid icon) in the top right corner. This takes you back to the previous screen.

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