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WinterFest 7-13 AUG


Headline events

    • Winter Carnival

      (Fri 11 Aug, 4-9pm, Monash Sport, 42 Scenic Boulevard, Clayton) - This one’s for everyone! Come join us for family fun at our FREE Winter Carnival with food trucks, roving entertainment, rides, a kids’ zone... and a fireworks display to light up the night! Fireworks begin around 7.30pm.

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    • Secret Cinema

      (Mon 7 to Wed 9 Aug, 6pm, meet at WinterFest Hub, Ten North, Clayton) - Wanna watch a movie? Let’s play a game. Solve clues to find your secret cinema location on Clayton campus for The Fifth Element (Mon 7 Aug), The Matrix (Tues 8 Aug) or The Babadook (Wed 9 Aug). With treats like hot chocolate, fairy floss, popcorn awaiting, plus cosy seating, it’ll be worth the effort!

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    • Silent Disco

      (12-2pm, Tues 8 Aug, Caulfield and Wed 9 Aug, Clayton) - Listen alone, dance as one. Get all the physical and mental health benefits of dancing to your own rhythm (literally!) while still connected to a crowd of friends and strangers. Brought to you by the Mental Health Champions and the Non-Residential Colleges.

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    • Winter Comedy Lounge

      (Tue 8 Aug, 5pm, The Dome, Northern Plaza, Clayton) - You’ve seen Tommy Little on ‘The Project’, now catch him at Monash, along with an outstanding comedic line-up including Katie Burch and Josh Earl, with Doug Chappel as MC. 

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    • Glow Yoga

      (Wed 9 Aug, 5pm, The Dome, Northern Plaza, Clayton) - Glow with the flow as the tranquility of yoga explodes in swirls of colour - under blacklight! The glow-in-the-dark yoga phenomenon meets silent disco at The Dome this WinterFest, with two intense sessions aided by music piped through noise-cancelling headsets. Wear your brightest and be a light in the winter dark!

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    • WinterFest Arcade

      (Wed 9 Aug, 11am - 6pm, The Dome, Caulfield Campus Green) - Did you know that the first video game was created in 1958? Wind your way through an applied history of video gaming at this year’s WinterFest Arcade, all the way to current favourites on PC and console.

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    • Sweet Hub

      (Thurs 10 Aug, 11am-2pm, The Dome, Caulfield Campus Green) - Every sweet tooth’s dream! Get ready for a sugar rush at Caulfield with donuts, ice-cream, chocolate and all your favourite toppings! We’ll also be playing a series of great animated shorts on the big screen.

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    • CHILL by MSA

      (Thurs 10 Aug, 9pm - 1am, Monash Sport) - The ever popular MSA student party is back again! Winter won’t freeze the fun when we pack out the Monash Sport Games Hall for the biggest cold weather party on campus. 

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    Campus and community events

    Pop-up events

    We're going carbon neutral!

    In a first for an event at Monash University, WinterFest will be carbon neutral. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our campus operations. 

    What is a carbon neutral event?

    A carbon footprint refers to the greenhouse gases produced as a result of specific activities. It is measured in the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. To be certified carbon neutral, the emissions generated during an event need to be offset by activities that reduce carbon emissions, such as tree planting. 

    Track and offset

    We will track and monitor all carbon emissions during WinterFest including multiple site’s energy consumption for all electrical and gas equipment as well as diesel generators, catering and waste. The carbon footprint will be undertaken by students from the Monash Student Sustainability Association (MSSA) and verified by an independent carbon accounting specialist in accordance with National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). One hundred per cent of the carbon emissions generated from WinterFest will be offset via the purchase of certified carbon credits and reported on the Monash website.

    Other green initiatives

    Reducing food waste to landfill: The Winterfest Carnival has set a target of 80 per cent waste diversion from landfill. There will be separate bins for food waste, mixed recycling and landfill. Look out for our friendly volunteers who will help you separate your waste correctly on the night.

    Switching on renewable power: Did you know that Monash already purchases 15 per cent Green Power from the grid? In addition, there are 4293 solar panels on the roofs of Monash buildings with more being installed daily.

    What can I do?

    Leave the car at home: Take public transport or ride your bike to avoid the traffic and reduce your personal carbon footprint.

    Bring a reusable bottle or coffee cup: Avoid creating waste and make your drink container of choice a reusable one

    Join the conversation: Share ideas about how best to reduce our environmental impact by joining the#monashgreen17 and #monashwinter conversation 

    Get involved: Monash students can join the MSSA. Find out more on the MSSA Facebook page.