Student sourced placements

What is a Student Sourced placement?

If you have very specific interests and preferences, you can use your network of contacts to find your own placement.

  • You can contact a host organisation and arrange to complete a placement
  • This can be with a host organisation either in Australia or overseas
  • The opportunity must have relevance towards your Arts degree or masters program, and contribute to the learning outcomes of the unit
  • To undertake a placement for credit, the host organisation must meet Monash University OHS and insurance guidelines.
  • Your enrolment into the WIL unit is not guaranteed and you must not commence your placement until you receive official confirmation that your placement is approved. The WIL team is obligated to ensure the placement you have sourced meets all compliance guidelines as set out by faculty. You cannot receive credit for any hours already undertaken. Any delays in receiving all documentation will result in delays and/or our inability to confirm your enrolment.

Teaching periods

Student sourced placements in Australia and overseas can only be taken during standard teaching periods. You will be required to submit your application prior to the closing date. Please see our key dates page for application open and closing dates.

Your internship start and end dates must be within the teaching period dates of the semester you are applying to. Students can only be placed in the standard teaching periods: Term 1, Semester 1, Trimester 2, Semester 2 and Summer A. Any applications submitted with dates outside of the teaching periods will be made unsuccessful.

Student Sourced placement options

How do I find my own placement?

Application submission