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Boost your employability, prepare for your career and find a role that’s right for you. Do this all online at the Monash Career Centre.

We offer hundreds of regularly updated eLearning resources and tools to help you analyse and understand your work intentions, motivations and preferences. Monash Career Centre will develop your capabilities and strategies to realise your career objectives. Take a career assessment, do an interview simulation or get ready for your job application process. Learn more about the core skills you need to excel in your chosen field.

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To complement other Career Connect resources and support, this innovative online portal features:

  • expert panels of professional career coaches and employers for relevant and practical advice
  • over 700 short courses, videos and tutorials on all the key aspects of career development
  • self-guided assessments and quizzes to analyse your motivation, resilience, work culture preferences, personality and management skills
  • interview simulators to practice and build confidence in your interview approach and responses
  • resumé and cover letter creation tools to maximise the impact of your job seeking
  • global job search resources that we update daily.