Adding credit to your M-Pass account

If you need to pay for printing, photocopying or library fines (the library doesn’t accept cash), you’ll need to add credit to your M-Pass account. Your family can also make deposits to your M-Pass (sponsor deposit).

You can add credit to your account, or view your balance, either by:

  • signing into your M-Pass account online
  • using one of the M-Pass kiosks in the Monash libraries.

Add credit to your M-Pass online

We recommend you store only the amount of credit you need. Refunds incur an administration fee, and if your card is inactive for 12 months, you’ll incur a monthly charge of $5. If you plan to take study leave (intermission), make sure you let the Card Office know by emailing before you go (to avoid the monthly charge).

To add credit to your account online

Before you begin, have your debit or credit card handy (if you don’t have one, buy a prepaid reloadable credit card from Australia Post or a supermarket or convenience store).

  1. Sign into your M-Pass account.
  2. Click your General Use Account to view your balance.
  3. Click +Add Money and follow the payment process.

Family members can add credit to your M-Pass account through the sponsor deposit option. They’ll need to provide their debit/credit card details and your:

  • family name (surname)
  • email address
  • M-Pass number (this is on the front of your M-Pass card).

To make a sponsor deposit

  1. On the M-Pass account login page, click Make a Sponsor Deposit.
  2. Complete the fields with the cardholder’s details and click Contribute.
  3. On the Make a Deposit screen:
    1. leave the first field on General Use Account
    2. specify the amount you want to deposit
    3. click Next.
  4. In the Blackboard Payment Gateway:
    1. provide the card details and billing information
    2. click Submit.
  5. On the Confirm Deposit screen:
    1. check the details are correct
    2. click Make Deposit.
  6. If you’d like a receipt:
    1. choose whether to have it emailed to you or someone else
    2. click Send Receipt.

Credits from the University

The University may add credit to your M-Pass account. For example, your faculty or school may allocate you a printing allowance (faculty credits appear in your M-Pass account under Printing Account).

. You can’t request a refund of any credits added to your account by the University.

Printing with your M-Pass

To learn how to print with your M-Pass, see:

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