Study at another institution - complementary study

You can apply for complementary study to enrol in a single unit or units at another institution (within Australia or New Zealand) and have them count toward your Monash award course.


If you wish to study at another institution and receive credit towards your course, you must seek approval in writing from your managing faculty at Monash. Complementary study is normally only approved if the unit is not offered by Monash University and will contribute to the progression of your course.

Credit will not be granted if your approved enrolment at the other institution is varied without Monash faculty authorisation.

Limits on credit

See below for faculty information on credit limits for students applying for complementary study:

To apply

You need to apply to Monash for approval to have study at another institution credited towards your course, and to the host institution to enrol. This means you need to apply early to allow time for both of applications to be processed.

Start by applying for faculty approval before enrolling in any units at another university.

Apply for faculty approval

  1. Fill out a Complementary study application form (pdf, 0.16 mb).
  2. Attach the unit syllabus from the host institution (see instructions on the form).
  3. Submit the form to your managing faculty at Monash, who will advise you in writing of the outcome.

Law students need to submit an extra form. See Law students – complementary study.

If your application is approved, your faculty will add the units to the Web Enrolment System (WES) and they will appear on your academic record. You still need to enrol in the units with the host institution.

Closing dates

Semester one
30 January
Semester two
19 June

Apply to the host institution

Once your application is approved by your faculty at Monash, you can apply to enrol in units at the host institution by their closing date.

Changing your enrolment

If you need to change your complementary enrolment, you must get approval from your Monash faculty to ensure the units will be credited towards your course. If approved, you need to amend your complementary enrolment at both Monash and the host institution by the deadlines to avoid fees and fail grades.

To change your enrolment, submit the enrolment amendment form.

See Monash University census dates.

Fees and offers

Pay your fees for complementary units to the host institution. They may offer you either a full-fee or Commonwealth supported place (CSP). This does not depend on the type of place that you currently have at Monash.

If seeking government assistance through a HELP loan for your complementary enrolment, you need to submit a request for HECS or FEE-HELP form to the host institution.

Unit results

To have your results credited to your Monash course:

  • request an academic record of your results from the host institution
  • submit this to your managing faculty at Monash within six weeks of results release.

Your result will appear on your academic record (transcript) as either SFR (satisfied faculty requirements) or Fail. If you don't provide a record from the host institution you will have a Fail recorded against the units on your Monash academic record.

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