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Monash Minds Student Leadership Program

Monash Minds Student Leadership Program



Monash Minds is a program that embodies the Monash ethos of community service.  The program offers selected first-year students the opportunity to develop your leadership skills so that you can make a positive difference to the lives of others.

Together with other high-achieving and passionate students, you’ll increase your leadership competence and confidence by volunteering in the local community and engaging with prominent leaders from a wide range of disciplines.

Our program offers a range of opportunities and activities that will:

  • encourage you to meet new friends in your first-year
  • strengthen and affirm your confidence
  • enable you to volunteer in your community
  • develop greater insights into your career direction
  • enhance your ability to effect positive social change
  • facilitate your learning from past and present leaders.


Foundation day

A day where we introduce you to key concepts relating to leadership, volunteering and career development. You will participate in interactive activities to help you develop your skills and meet other participants. Refreshments are provided.

Evening masterclasses

We will provide you with an opportunity to learn from successful and high-profile leaders from diverse professional backgrounds. Each session involves a formal presentation by a guest speaker, followed by questions and interactive discussion.

Each Masterclass begins with an opportunity for you to socialise, network and learn from other students with different backgrounds and perspectives. Refreshments are provided.

Service learning

During the program, you’ll have the opportunity to volunteer at least 15 hours with a community-based organisation. This enriches the leadership development experience by engaging you in meaningful hands-on service that addresses real-life needs in the community. Through it, you may be able to enhance characteristics associated with effective leadership, such as collaboration, commitment, communication, citizenship and consciousness of self.

Field trips

A team of selected Monash Minds students will visit and volunteer at the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) in Sydney/Redfern during the mid-year holiday.

The field trip is an opportunity to:

  • travel interstate and represent Monash University
  • deepen your understanding of Indigenous people, knowledge and culture
  • work in a team to design and deliver solutions to a series of challenges
  • further develop inter-cultural competence, perceptive and effective communication, and innovative problem-solving skills.

Celebration Night

All participants are invited to the Celebration Night where you’ll enjoy a sit down dinner, listen to guest speakers and spend time with friends you’ve made in the program. Certificates of Completion will also be awarded.


On completion of the Monash Minds Leadership Program, you will have had the opportunity to develop:

  • key leadership skills and traits
  • friendships with like-minded students from a range of faculties
  • your ability to effect positive social change in your community
  • a clearer understanding of your values, strengths and areas for improvement
  • greater insights into your career direction.

To receive your Certificate of Completion, you must:

Eligibility & applications


This prestigious leadership program is available exclusively to academically high-achieving students in their first-year of undergraduate studies at Monash University.

Offer to join

You'll be offered a place in the program if you're a first-year undergraduate and you're receiving the following scholarship:

Invitation to apply

You'll be invited to apply for a place if you're a first-year undergraduate and have participated in the Monash Scholars program, or you are receiving one of the following scholarships:

With the invitation you will receive details about how to apply for Monash Minds.

Dates & contacts

Important dates

Scholarships offers are sent at the beginning of the year, before the start of semester one.

You must accept this offer before your place in the program is confirmed.

These are the 2017 dates:




Tuesday 14 February

4 – 5.30pm

Information Session

Saturday 1 April

10 am – 4pm

Foundation Day

Wednesday 5 April

6 – 8pm

Masterclass #1

Wednesday 3 May

6 – 8pm

Masterclass #2

Wednesday 2 August

6 – 8pm

Masterclass #3

Tuesday 12 September

6 – 8pm

Masterclass #4 – Service Learning  Gallery

Wednesday 4 October

6 – 9pm

Celebration night

Contact for enquiries

Phone: 9902 6011

This program is coordinated by Careers, Leadership and Volunteering in Monash University's Campus Community Division.


Student testimonials

"The Monash Minds Leadership Program has been a deeply rewarding and enjoyable experience. I was lucky enough to hear from and talk to inspiring individuals who all had valuable knowledge to impart. I was also able to meet and interact with fellow first year students who were successful in the past and will no doubt be successful in the future. Overall I found the program to be a highlight of my first year at Monash University."
Henry Li (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Honours))

"Monash Minds was an excellent experience in more ways than one. The wide variety of speakers, who presented to us, from business tycoons to psychologists and leading doctors, ensured that we would be inspired, regardless of our interests or area of study. We were able to gain a wide perspective on  leadership, problem solving, and taking initiative. For me, it was also great to meet a range of like-minded students, which was especially helpful coming into first year of university."
Krita Sridharan (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Honours))