Re-enrolment for coursework students

We email you in October/November to remind you to re-enrol. You need to enrol for the entire year (unless applying for intermission).

Re-enrolment dates and timeline

Re-enrolment timelines and dates
Re-enrolment period 11 Oct – 26 Nov 2021
University timetable published see dates 2022
Late re-enrolment – includes a late fee 27 Nov onwards 2021
Results release 6 Dec 2021
Add or withdraw from units see cut-off dates 2022
Mid-year re-enrolment: your faculty will contact you if you're returning from intermission in the second part of the year. May or June 2022

Prepare to re-enrol

Before re-enrolling, you need to check:

  1. the Handbook from the year you started your course to check your course requirements. See archived Handbooks for handbooks before 2021
  2. the latest Handbook to see what units are available next year.

It's your responsibility to:

  • choose units that comply with your course requirements (both core and elective)
  • check prerequisite and co-requisite units
  • request course advice if you need help with unit selection
  • re-enrol for both semesters, unless you're taking intermission for one semester.

If you're an international student, you must re-enrol in 24 credit points in each semester, unless authorised by your managing faculty.

For further course information, see your faculty link below:

How to re-enrol

To re-enrol in WES:

  1. log in to WES and select your units for the entire academic year, unless you're finishing sooner or taking intermission
  2. click on Submit enrolment to process your unit selections
  3. record your transaction number (starting with U) as proof of your enrolment. If you don't get a transaction number, you haven't enrolled correctly
  4. check your student email account for your confirmation of re-enrolment email.

After results release, make sure you check WES to change any units marked as invalid. Then, select your class activities (lectures, tutorials, etc) using Allocate+.

Unable to enrol in WES

If you're unable to re-enrol in WES, it might be because:

  • you can't enrol in that particular unit using WES and you need to use a course enrolment form. Contact your faculty for the form
  • you may have an encumbrance (a block we've placed on your account) due to outstanding fees or fines or missing paperwork. Clear your encumbrance so you can re-enrol on time otherwise you'll be charged a late re-enrolment fee. For further information, see encumbrances.

Re-enrolment conditions

When re-enrolling, it's important to ensure you’re always enrolled to retain your place at Monash. If unsure what to do, see the general advice below.

Re-enrolment conditions and their actions
Academic progress review: Granted conditional enrolment from academic progress review Re-enrol: Assume you'll meet the Academic Progress Committee conditions
Academic progress review: Subject to an Academic Progress Committee hearing Re-enrol: Assume you'll be allowed to continue studying
Course transfer: Applying for a course transfer after results release Re-enrol: Assume you won't be transferred
Double degree: Doing a double degree Re-enrol in both areas of study
Intermission: You're taking intermission (study leave) for one semester If approved, re-enrol for the other semester

If not yet approved, contact Monash Connect before the re-enrolment closing date
Special consideration: Applying for special consideration in second semester Re-enrol: Assume you'll pass the unit/s
Special consideration: Sitting deferred or supplementary exams from second semester Re-enrol: Assume you'll pass the units
Study abroad or exchange: Applying for study abroad or exchange Re-enrol as you usually would. If accepted, the faculty will change your enrolment before you go overseas
Study abroad or exchange: Current study abroad or exchange student Contact your managing faculty for advice
Summer semester: Enrolled in summer units that are prerequisites Re-enrol: Assume you'll pass the units

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