Parking and travel during exams

As exams near, it's time to start planning how you're going to get to your exams. They're stressful enough without the worry of getting stuck in traffic or finding a car park.

We recommend public transport as the least stressful way to get to your exam.

Public transport

caulfield station sign

Taking public transport is good for the environment and for you. You can do some more exam prep or simply relax on the way to your exam.

It's important you're aware of any planned rail works which might affect your travel so you can plan around it.

Be sure to check the PTV website for other updates. Use Journey Planner (with timetables and maps) to estimate your travel time.

Protective Service Officers are stationed at all premium railway stations including Caulfield and regularly patrol trains to and from this station.

Here's a list of public transport services running to and from Monash campuses.

Inter-campus shuttle bus

front of large bus

Regular free shuttle buses run to and from the Peninsula and Caulfield campuses via the Clayton campus bus interchange. A bus also runs from Peninsula campus to Frankston Railway Station. Just show your M-Pass to use the service.

For services to and from each campus see the inter-campus shuttle bus timetables.

Campus security bus service

small bus on road

If you're returning to Caulfield or Clayton campus after your evening exam, you can hop on one of the free Monash Security buses and they'll take you back to Halls of Residence or the car parks on and around your campus. They run every 30 minutes from 5.30pm to midnight, Monday to Friday.

You can download the Clayton security bus route (pdf 189kb), or use the live Clayton campus tracker to see exactly where the bus is when it's running.

If you're on the Caulfield campus, you can download the Caulfield security bus route (pdf 565kb), and check the live Caulfield campus tracker.

If you are considering driving to your exam, please be aware that parking options will vary depending on your exam venue.

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