Feedback on exam performance and assessment

On the Moodle page for your unit, you’ll find information on how you can get exam feedback.

For exams and other end-of-semester assessments, this can include:

  • feedback classes
  • exam questions with marking guides or sample answers
  • other forms of group feedback.

If group feedback is available, you must take advantage of this opportunity before requesting individual feedback.

Your faculty will advise you of the process for accessing, viewing or photocopying your assessment material.

Viewing your exam responses

This year, you’ll be able to view your exam responses remotely while COVID-19 restrictions are in place. We’ll also be holding onto your exam responses for longer than the usual 6-month period – this means you’ll still be able to view your exam responses if you weren't able to do this in the time set by your unit teaching faculty.

If you’d like to view your exam responses, contact your unit teaching faculty:

If your faculty isn’t listed above, you can contact them directly.

University policies

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