Allocate+ features and functionality

Allocate+ has a range of features and functions to help you create your timetable easily and efficiently.

Units and activities

The units and their activities are listed on the left side of Allocate+.

For an explanation of the unit, activity and location codes, see unit codes and abbreviations.

Activity status

The status appears next to the activities.


The icons appear to the right of the status indicating whether you’ve allocated a timeslot for the activity or if you have and it is pending.

tick on green circleThis activity has been allocated a timeslot.

three horizontal dots on orange circleYou’ve entered a preferred timeslot but the final timetable hasn’t been sorted yet.

exclamation mark on red circle There’s no timeslot selected for this activity yet. You need to enter a preferred time.


When you click on an activity, buttons appear next to the scheduled activity times.

blue select button You can select the timeslot.

white tick on green circle You’re allocated into a timeslot. You can change your allocation to any timeslot with a SELECT button.

red full button and heart button for requesting a swap into the full class There are currently no places available in this class. If you're allocated to another class that doesn't suit you, you can request to swap into this class by clicking on the heart icon.

red clash button The class for this activity clashes with your allocation for another activity. To allocate into this timeslot, you'll need to change your allocation for the other activity.

Grid (calendar) view

grid of six in red circle Near the top of the screen on the right-hand side, you can switch to a calendar view of your timetable.

Screenshot of Allocate+ timetable in calendar view

List view

list view icon Near the top of the screen on the right-hand side, you can click the list view button to view your timetable in table format.

Screenshot of Allocate+ in the list view

Location and description

For an explanation of the locations and descriptions, see unit codes and abbreviations.

Time zone

You can see details of the time zone for your scheduled activities in Allocate+. If you look at the list view of your timetable, you’ll notice a time zone of either Australia/Melbourne, Asia/Shanghai or Asia/Kuala_Lumpar. No matter where you are in the world, you can view your timetable in your local time zone by using the subscribe to your timetable link at the bottom of the Allocate+ home page. Once you’ve subscribed to your timetable and you’re allocated into activities, they’ll appear in your local time.

Subscribe to your timetable

You’ll need to subscribe to your timetable to see it in your local time zone. To do this, use the subscribe to your timetable link on the bottom of the Allocate+ home page to subscribe.

Allocate+ homepage with Subscribe to your timetable link at the bottom of the page


To plan your timetable ahead of time, use the timetable planner in Allocate+. The planner is available during the Allocate+ preference entry period onwards. Use the planner to check options for units you’re currently enrolled in, and view times for units you’re interested in. Once you’ve made the plan, you can allocate directly into activities if there are spaces available. For further details, see student timetable planner.

Swap function heart icon in red

If you're allocated into a timeslot that doesn't suit you, and you find another class that does but it's full, you can request to swap into it when Allocate+ is in adjustment mode.

To request a swap

  1. Your unit activities (classes) are on the left side of the Allocate+ screen.
  2. Click the unit activity that you want to organise the swap for and you'll see your options.
  3. Click the heart icon next to the activity you want to swap into. You can make multiple swap requests for a class, regardless of whether you're allocated to another class.
  4. The heart will turn red when your swap has been recorded and a message will appear advising you'll be notified once a swap has been found.

To remove a swap request

If you're happy with your timetable after making multiple swap requests and receiving one, please log back into Allocate+ to remove any unwanted requests – otherwise they may be processed.

To remove unwanted swap requests, log into Allocate+ and click the heart icon associated with the unwanted request. The heart should turn grey and a message will appear confirming that the swap has been removed.

Notification of outcome

If a swap is available when you submit your request, you'll be moved into the new activity time straight away and be notified on screen.

If a swap isn't available straight away, we'll email you if we find a swap.

If a swap isn't found by the end of the adjustment period, we'll email you to let you know we weren't able to find a swap and the timetable you see in Allocate+ will be your timetable for the teaching period.

Deallocate Deallocate button

If you’re allocated into an activity and you want to deallocate (remove yourself) from that activity, simply click on the bin icon.

On campus

You attend a physical teaching space on campus, usually between 8am and 9pm.

If you see the term Hybrid OnCampus Class in the description column of the list view, it means offshore students are also participating in the class online.

Online in real time

If a class has an Online in Real Time option, it allows you to watch it online at the scheduled time, from anywhere, using your own device. You can also participate in online discussions (where enabled) and make notes on the video that you can review later.

You'll know if a class has this option as it states OnlineRealTime in Allocate+. You must resolve any clash with one of these activities because you're expected to attend online at the time of the class. Clashes are not permitted.

An Online in Real Time class can be delivered either by Zoom or Echo360, based on the academic’s preference. You can access all links to these classes in Moodle.

If you see the term Hybrid Livestream Class in the description column of the list view, it simply means students are also participating in the class on campus.

Online in own time

Online in Own Time activities are recorded at the scheduled time but you watch them at a later stage.

These activities appear with the term OnlineOwnTime in Allocate+.

Online in Own Time activities appear pale blue with a dotted border in the grid view in Allocate+, meaning they're clash-friendly. They allow you to allocate yourself to an Online in Own Time activity and a second activity at the same time (if needed). This means you can attend one class in person, and view the other at a later stage by accessing the recording in Moodle.


Dual Mode classes are delivered with a blend of online and on-campus learning. The delivery modes alternate from week to week. For example, one week the class will be on campus and the next it will be online.

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