Monash Alumnus Adam Krongold pledges major philanthropic investment to Monash Krongold Clinic

The Faculty of Education is thrilled to announce that Adam Krongold, a Monash University alumnus and the grandson of Dinah and Henry Krongold, has pledged a major philanthropic investment to the Monash Krongold Clinic. The Monash Krongold Clinic provides a range of psychology services with a particular focus on educational and developmental psychology.

Adam Krongold and Nicole Rinehart

Under the leadership of the newly appointed Director, Professor Nicole Rinehart, the Monash Krongold Clinic will embrace the vision of the Krongold family for a research-integrated clinic, at the forefront of educational, developmental, and clinical psychology practice and research in Australia. The Krongold team of students, research fellows, psychologists, educators and paediatricians is committed to improving the physical, psychological, and social health and wellbeing of children and adolescents.

We are reaching the estimated 1 in 5 children in Australia who are developmentally vulnerable when they start school – this includes children with learning difficulties and children with neurodevelopmental conditions such as autism and ADHD. We are achieving this by bringing the community into our research and clinical service development. This allows us to more efficiently share research findings back to the community. Statistics predict it will take ‘17 years to translate 14% of research to clinical care’’ however the new Krongold research team has developed a model that has shrunk this research pipe-line to ‘less than a decade to translate 100% of research into the hands of the community’.

“When I trained as a clinical psychologist at Monash Medical Centre in the late 90’s the scenario often involved parents being handed a tissue and a pamphlet describing a psychiatric or psychological disorder and then nothing… With access to Medicare funded mental health services and the NDIS, the lives of children with a diagnosis and their families are changing. But there is still much to do. I am incredibly optimistic that this world-class Monash Krongold Clinic team is now poised to rapidly pioneer a suite of evidence-based clinical interventions offered in a flexible way to respond to and complement current practice.” - Professor Nicole Rinehart, Director, Monash Krongold Clinic.

Monash University is committed to building partnerships that create transformative change. Through this generous philanthropic gift from Adam Krongold, we are making real progress towards our shared vision of building and supporting thriving and healthy communities, in alignment with Monash’s Strategic Plan Impact 2030.

Renewing our relationship with the Krongold family has been critical to the success of this new stage in the clinic's development and this investment will enable us to expand our reach and impact, and provide even more innovative and high-quality care to those who need it most.

“Supporting the Krongold Clinic ticks so many boxes for me - helping to improve the lives of kids and caregivers, training the next generation of mental health professionals, maintaining the link to my alma mater and continuing the legacy established by my grandparents.” - Adam Krongold

This is a significant and historic gift that marks the second donation of this nature, following the family's cornerstone gift to create the then Krongold Centre in 1974. We are deeply grateful to the Krongold family for their generosity and commitment to supporting our mission, and we look forward to continuing to work together to advance our shared vision for a healthier, more equitable world. Thank you Adam Krongold, for your incredible generosity and support, and for ensuring a more equitable future.

Adam Krongold’s generous philanthropic gift contributes to the university’s Change It. For Future Generations campaign, which is the largest public fundraising initiative in Monash’s history.