School of Education, Culture and Society

Education, Culture and Society

The School of Education, Culture and Society focuses on big issues in the sociology of education, comparative and international education, lifelong education, critical education policy studies and educational leadership.

Our Vision

In the School of Education, Culture and Society, we pursue a more equitable world by asking the big questions. We find answers through engaging, inclusive educational policy and practice.

We explore educational values, goals and methods to enrich lifelong learning through culture and community. Our endeavour is informed by our shared understandings of all aspects of educational philosophy and practice.

We think deeply and differently, sharing unique insights to look beyond what educational practice in society is today – and shape what it might become tomorrow.

We’re a microcosm of diversity with researchers who think big to solve the challenges of our time – like restorative justice, climate change and social equity – at their foundational levels.

We realise this by:

  • Nurturing diversity of thought: We form rich, interdisciplinary partnerships within our School, across the Faculty and University, and across society. Our thought-leaders openly share their expertise and fresh perspectives to spark educational innovation and change.
  • Fearlessly pursuing a just world: We offer provocations with pride, to hold policy and authority to account. It’s how we drive deep, lasting change in society, culture and education. Locally, nationally and globally.
  • Expanding research insights, now and beyond: We pursue cutting-edge insights to promote educational equity across class, race, ethnicity and gender. Through applied research we help teachers solve the challenges of today – and through pure research we prepare society for the opportunities waiting beyond the horizon.

Our sights are set on leading the way in educational leadership and knowledge exchange to promote learning throughout the lifespan – and shape brighter futures through teaching excellence.

We are the School of Education, Culture and Society – and we are agents of positive change.

Research focus

Thriving communities

Our research efforts aim to promote conditions where individuals thrive, in early childhood services, schools and in the community.  We adapt theories and research methodologies that address the needs of the people we serve. We are world leaders in play, STEM, digital childhoods, sustainability and child development and learning. Our approach to health and wellbeing is multidimensional and intersectional, focusing on physical and mental health, lifelong learning, disability, and social, emotional wellbeing.

Diversity and inclusion

We focus on creating societies where all people, no matter their background or identity, feel safe and valued. To achieve this, we conduct collaborative research which tackles emerging and prevailing community and global issues. Addressing the consequences of climate change and identifying solutions to minimise its impact is an integral part of our research.  We provide platforms for research and engagement activities that tackle issues around gendered violence, marginalised populations, and promote secure access to health, education, housing and positive futures.

Research translation and dissemination

We partner with early childhood services and school sectors, not-for-profit organisations and agencies, government and industry leaders, in Australia and overseas. Our community, early childhood, school and industry engagements ensure our research is translated into effective policy and practices that will ultimately improve the lives of all.

Featured projects

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