Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education

The Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education (ZPDE) has chosen Monash Faculty of Education as its university of choice to deliver training for its teachers.

This is a very exciting partnering which places us as the Australian training base for teachers/education professionals from the Province.

The ZPDE has sent 39 people to Monash Education for training and professional development in the last year. This included a group of 20 TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) teachers from primary and secondary schools in Zhejiang Province as well as a group of 19 school principals for leadership training.  

This collaboration goes from strength to strength with an ultimate aim of sending around 200 participants each year for training across a range of areas.  The areas are to be mutually agreed each year depending on participant and program needs.  

The ZPDE has set up training bases in the UK, USA and Germany for teachers and other education professionals to undertake short term (non-award) professional developing training outside China. Now they have one in Australia as well and we are proud to be working with them to achieve their goals of increasing the capacity of their teachers and educators.

Delegates from China attending training at Monash University