Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education - FAQ

What is the LANTITE?

The Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education (LANTITE) is designed to assess personal literacy and numeracy skills to ensure teachers are well equipped to meet the demands of teaching.

Information on the LANTITE dates, how to apply, costs and sample test questions are on the ACER website. Monash does not register students with ACER and we do not run the LANTITE. Registration, testing and results are administered by ACER.

Frequently asked questions are also provided by the Department of Education and Training.

What support does the faculty provide to students?

The Faculty of Education offers a Literacy and Numeracy Development Program to support students in preparing to sit (and re-sit) the LANTITE.

To prepare for the test, we recommend you enrol in the Literacy and Numeracy Development program moodle site to find details of resources and preparation workshops available to you.

Students with special requirements, or who need to re-sit the test, can contact the Literacy and Numeracy Development Team () for information about additional support.

Do I need to achieve the standard to complete my course?

The LANTITE is a compulsory requirement of your  course if you began in 2017 or later. Refer to your course map and handbook for  more information.

If you commenced prior to 2017, LANTITE is not  a course requirement, but is a Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT)  registration requirement so you will still need to achieve the standard.

When  should I attempt the test?

If you commenced your course in 2017 or later, you are expected to sit and meet the test standard in the first year of your course.

Students are recommended to sit the LANTITE  test in the May/June testing window. This will provide you with the opportunity  to familiarise yourself with the test and access the support materials provided by the faculty.

You don’t need to attempt both the literacy and numeracy tests  in the one test window. You can decide to complete your stronger test area first,  and leave your second test to a later test window.

What will happen if I do not sit the test or do not achieve the standard during my first year of study?

If LANTITE is a compulsory requirement of your course, you will  be sent an early warning letter at the  end of your first semester if you have not yet achieved the standard for both  tests.

If you do not achieve the standard by the end of your first year of study, you will be sent a Notice of  Referral and Hearing from the faculty Academic Progress Committee (APC) to  which you will need to respond detailing your attempts & the steps you have  taken to improve your results. The APC will determine if you are able to  continue on to second year at this stage.

What will happen if I do not achieve the standard on my third attempt?

Monash can permit a fourth LANTITE sitting. To request a fourth sitting, send an email to the Manager, Education Success & Student Services () with the following information:

  • name
  • student ID number
  • date of birth
  • reason for requiring a fourth test attempt (outline the difficulties you have had passing the LANTITE)
  • remedial action and plan to achieve success

The Dean or nominee needs to give approval for you to attempt the fourth sitting.Your case will be discussed with the Course Leader and/or Program Director and you will be  notified of the outcome by email within 10 working days of submitting a request.

I am studying a single sector Early Years qualification, do I need to complete LANTITE?

No, you are not required to sit the LANTITE.

I successfully completed the LANTITE whilst studying at another institution. Do I have to sit it again?

No, you do not need to sit the LANTITE again. Provide your  results to your Education Success Adviser with your official  results from ACER along with your ACER applicant number to confirm your  successful completion.

How do I send my results to Monash?

You are not required to send your results to Monash University.  ACER send all Monash student results directly to the Faculty.

I’m an international student who doesn’t want to teach in Australia. Do I have to do the LANTITE?

The LANTITE is a compulsory requirement of your  course if you began in 2017 or later regardless of your intention to teach in  Victoria.

If you commenced prior to 2017, and do not  intend to register to teach in Victoria, you are not required to complete  LANTITE.

Can I apply for any special consideration?

If you have a disability you are welcome to apply. The LANTITE is administered by ACER and all requests for special testing conditions must be lodged directly to ACER. For more information, see Reasonable Adjustments.

Students who have a disability and would like extra assistance  in preparing for the LANTITE are welcome to email our Literacy and  Numeracy Development Team () for information about  additional support options.

What do I do if I have difficulties registering for or sitting the test?

The LANTITE is administered by ACER. All requests regarding the  registration process and the test should be directed directly to ACER.