Research methodology units

You are invited to choose a unit from the list below. It is advisable for you to consult your supervisor or Course Adviser to ensure the research unit will best serve your purposes.

It is possible to complete more than one of these units - please consult with your supervisor or your Course Adviser to see whether this is feasible.

Each unit has a specific focus.

These units give you an opportunity to gain an overview of educational research culture and the kind of work in which researchers in this field engage. You will gain insight into the pleasures, passions and challenges of pursuing research, the (sometimes fierce) debates within the field, and the politics  of inquiry.

Research plays a key role in a variety of settings beyond the university, and you will be invited to reflect on the ethical dimensions of any inquiry, including its impact on particular communities, organisations or individuals that might be its focus. Through such study, you will be encouraged to become  clearer on why you wish to engage in research, the kind of research that you would like to do, and the differences between research and the kinds of reflection in which you engage in your everyday life.

Students are advised that, while the Faculty will endeavour to provide assistance and advice about unit choice, the onus is on the student to ensure that units selected meet the regulations and requirements for their course. The Faculty does not take responsibility for errors in unit selection.

The Faculty reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes if necessary. For timetable details you can access the current year Class Timetable or log into your portal and click on the Class Timetable link.