Building capacity in Indonesian schools

Working with the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture to help upskill Indonesian principals and teachers.

The Faculty works closely with the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture and Victorian schools to support the upskilling of Indonesian principals and teachers by designing and delivering a range of professional learning programs which include immersion and shadowing opportunities at Victorian schools.

This collaboration has resulted in a delivery of a range of specialised professional learning programs in topics such as Higher Order Thinking Skills, School Leadership and STEM Education.

This innovative partnership has resulted in the organisation of a School Leadership Symposium in October 2018 in Bandung, Indonesia. The symposium was attended by over 300 Indonesian educators and school principals, Monash Education academics and Victorian host schools who participated in the project and hosted Indonesian principals.

The impact of those programs goes far beyond the classroom environment and some of the teaching strategies that Indonesian teachers have learnt during their time at Monash are now being applied in Scouts clubs all over Indonesia.