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Casper - Non-academic selection for Initial Teacher Education

Anyone looking to enrol in the Monash Bachelor of Education (Honours) (including double degrees) or the Master of Teaching (except for the Early Childhood Education specialisation) will now need to complete a non-academic selection component - in addition to the usual academic admission requirements.

We'll be using the Casper tool at Monash.

Why the change?

Anyone can learn – but not everyone can teach. It takes gifted, hard-working people, who are just as passionate about inspiring young people as they are about educating them.

The Victorian Framework for Selection into Initial Teacher Education has been developed to help find those people – and improve the quality of teaching across the state. It requires all admissions into initial teacher education courses from 2018 onwards to include a non-academic selection component – whether that’s a tool, test or process – that measures an applicant’s personal attributes, as much as their grades or ATAR score.

Some of the attributes that you’ll need to demonstrate include:

  • how motivated you are to teach
  • strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • a willingness to learn
  • resilience and self-efficacy
  • how conscientious you are
  • organisational and planning skills.

What is Casper?

Casper is an online screening tool designed to assess important personal and professional qualities against the Victorian Framework for Selection for Initial Teacher Education.

Applicants will need to complete 12 sections – each containing a video-based or written scenario, followed by three questions. For each scenario, all three questions must be answered within a total of 5 minutes. Your responses won’t be checked for things like spelling and grammar, instead you’ll be assessed on how you tackle the ethical and professional situations put forward. You can view sample scenarios here.

Which Monash Education courses will Casper be applied to?

How do I sit Casper?

Casper can only be taken online on certain dates and times. Please refer to Casper dates - as dates and times are subject to change.

You’ll need to sit the test at one of the times listed. Keep in mind, you can only take the test once each academic calendar. Test times are in the Eastern time zone as indicated: EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) or EST (Eastern Savings Time).

We recommend registering at least three days before the date you’d like to take Casper, so you give yourself enough time for your ID to be verified and your payment processed.

To register for Casper, you’ll need to have the following ready:

  • Government-issued photo ID –for example a passport, driver licence or learners permit card
  • If you’re applying through VTAC, you’ll need to enter your VTAC number
  • If you are applying direct to Monash – you will need to enter your Monash Student ID number

How will Casper be used in my selection?

We won’t be changing our academic selection standards and assessment – Casper is an additional admission criteria that’s considered for all applicants who meet the minimum academic standards, similar to how an interview might be used for employment. In the same way you wouldn’t expect to receive ‘results’ from an interview or reference check, you won’t receive your Casper results.

Can I fail Casper?

There are no right or wrong answers – just answers reflecting your personal attributes that indicate how suitable you are for teaching. So while you can’t ‘fail’, it is possible that your responses show that the teaching profession may not be best suited to you.

How much will it cost?

The Casper test costs $80, and is non-refundable. The test cost is not charged or received by Monash.

Register for the test and find out more

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