Faculty of Education working papers

The Faculty of Education Working Papers is a series of open-access reports that showcases the diversity and depth of research, scholarship and critical thinking across the faculty and its three schools.

The series includes annual ‘thinkpiece’ editions that provide up-to-the-minute insights into emerging issues in contemporary education.  The first of these, Education into the 2030s: The big education challenges of our times, is now available via the link below.

Future working papers will include preliminary reports of research-in-progress, discussion papers, essays, and other communications based on research undertaken in the faculty.

Working paper #1

Consultation for the 2023 GEM Report on Technology and Education with a focus on the Asia-Pacific Region

September 2022 - Working paper #1
Perrotta. C., Lim, C.P., Selwyn, N., Bennett, S., Dalgarno, B., Brown, C., Pillay, H., et al.