Applications, selection process and cancellations


The International Professional Experience (IPE) program is open to eligible pre- service teachers across early years, primary and secondary courses, who (at the time of application):

  • will be in their 2nd or 3rd year of a Bachelor of Education course, or 1st year of Masters of Teaching course and have completed at least one professional experience; and
  • have satisfactorily completed their previous professional experience (the one directly prior to applying for the IPE program).

The final placement of your course must be completed in an Australian school.

Due to the introduction of the Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA), it is important that you complete your final placement in an Australian school. The TPA is a crucial part of your final assessment and readiness to teach, which is also linked to your course completion and graduation. While we have fantastic mentors as part of IPE, at this final stage of your course it is better for you to work with an Australian-based mentor, who is familiar with the expectations and standards of the TPA, and who can provide you with the best support possible to complete your course.

Please also note, that you are only able to complete one IPE as part of your course.

Applications and selection process

Recruitment for the IPE program (all countries) runs from March to April and July to August, dependent of the location, each year and follows the format below:

  1. Information session for the IPE program is run in early March or July for all  interested students across all three campuses.
  2. Online Application form and Online Travel Bursary form open after the  information sessions and usually close in March/August (an email will be sent  to confirm the closing date of applications).
  3. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed.
  4. Successful students will be notified by the end of April/August that they have  been accepted into the IPE program and for which location.


We will make every effort to find a replacement for you should you have to withdraw from the IPE program for reasons outside of your control (e.g. illness, death in the family, etc.). However, if you withdraw within 6 weeks of the start date of the program, we will need to take 10% of the total program cost from you as an administrative fee and to cover any non-refundable costs we incur with regard to travel and accommodation arrangements.