Operoo FAQ

What is Operoo - Frequently Asked Questions?

To reduce the amount of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) forms and associated paperwork you need to complete when undertaking off campus activities, the Faculty of Education has implemented an online OHS system called Operoo (formerly CareMonkey).

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What is Operoo?

Operoo helps organisations with a duty of care know exactly what to do and who to call in an emergency. Operoo lets you securely share potentially lifesaving information with trusted organisations like Monash University. You can create a single Care Profile and choose to share it with whoever may need the information.

What activities does Operoo cover?

Operoo is being used to ensure all OHS obligations are covered when it comes to the following Faculty of Education activities:

  • excursions
  • field trips
  • professional experience
  • research data collection
  • project work
  • any other off campus activity
Do I have to use Operoo?

Yes! If you are going on some of the optional activities such as International Professional Experience, it is compulsory to have a complete Operoo profile. For many other activities, it is highly recommended that you use Operoo. If you choose not to create a profile you will be requested to fill in the existing mandatory hard copy compliance documents for every off-campus activity you participate in.

How does using Operoo benefit me?
  • Share sensitive lifesaving information - Securely share emergency contacts and action plans with family, friends and trusted organisations.
  • Update once for everybody - Update once and all authorised carers gain access to your latest instructions.
  • Be prepared for emergencies - Eliminate the chance of medical errors with instant access to medical and emergency contact info, even when offline.
  • Save time filling in duplicated hard copy paperwork
  • Easily print or share your profile with your Professional Experience mentors so they know what to do and who to contact on your behalf in an emergency
Who has access to my information stored in Operoo?

Your information will only be shared with appointed Faculty of Education safety officers and staff who supervise the relevant off campus activity.

What is my information stored in Operoo used for?

The Faculty of Education will only use your information should the need arise to assist in helping you at the time of your greatest need. We do not use your information to exclude or discriminate against you – it is requested to help us help you when you most need.

Who owns my data?

The personal profile data you enter is owned and controlled by you. You can grant and revoke access at any time. Operoo does not share your data with any other group or individual without your consent. For more details see your Security Statement, Terms and Privacy Policy.

Who owns Operoo and where would my data be stored?

Operoo is an Australian owned and operated company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. It is an award-winning Emergency Health and Safety solution that eliminates paper forms and gives authorised carers access to medical and emergency details, even when offline. With more than 1 million users around the world, Operoo is used by schools and universities, sporting clubs at all levels, outdoor groups, businesses with a duty of care, community groups and the disability sector. All Australian profiles are stored on a secure server in a secure data centre on Australian soil.

Is my information secure – what protection do I have against fraud, hacking or unauthorised access?

Your privacy and data security matters - personal health, medical and emergency contact details are sensitive and private information, and Operoo are in the business of keeping it that way. Operoo is a secure site, designed with privacy and security as the highest priorities. They apply stringent processes to keep your data safe throughout design, development, testing and day to day operations. More detailed information can be found here - Security Statement

I have already given this information to the University – why do you need it again?

The University online systems only cater for very basic emergency contact information and when off-campus activities are undertaken OHS Division request this information again along with more specific details in hard copy format. These are requested every time you would undertake an off-campus activity. Operoo replaces the need for repetitive hard copy documents and gives you a single place to store all relevant details – meaning you only need to update and provide the information once. It also means the right people can access the right information at the right time.

What if I do not have a regular doctor and/or dentist?

You can use the Medical Clinic details that we have on campus here at Clayton - You can also update / edit this at a later stage should you need to.

Relationship: Doctor
Name: Monash University Health Service
Work Phone: 03 9905 3175
Address: 21 Chancellors Walk, Monash University VIC 3800

Why am I receiving so many email reminders?

Monash University - Faculty of Education is requesting important information from you so they are prepared for an emergency. Reminders automatically stop when a Care Profile is completed. Please contact Monash University - Faculty of Education by replying to the system email or contact us on the details below.

I am an off-campus / online student – do I still have to complete a profile?

If you end up needing to participate in any Monash run off campus activity where a Operoo profile is requested, you may need to do one at some stage. If this is not likely you do not need to do it now and we can remove you from the system – just reply to the system email or contact us on the details below.

I have more questions about Operoo - who can I contact?

Mr Cameron Pettiona
Manager - Campus Support, Faculty Safety Officer
Faculty of Education
19 Ancora Imparo Way
Monash University, Clayton, VIC 3800, Australia
T: +61 3 9905 9156
M: +61 (0)400 820 967
E: Cameron.Pettiona@monash.edu