A legacy forever remembered: Monash launches documentary to commemorate fallen pharmacy students

A year after a posthumous degree ceremony that honoured the lives of five fallen pharmacy students who bravely fought in World War I, Monash University continues to remember their sacrifice through the release of a special documentary.

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has documented the journey of the collective efforts to better understand the contributions and sacrifices that the pharmacy profession, and pharmacy students in particular, made during the national war effort.


Entitled Five Soldiers, the documentary provides insight into the history of the profession, an overview of the project and a sense of the emotion of the ceremony held last year.

While over 30 students paused their studies to enlist in World War I, four of these students, Alan Couve, Eric Bisset, Gordon Jewkes and Malcolm Jones never returned home, having been killed in action. Monash University conferred posthumous B Pharm (Honours) degrees in the name of each student soldier. The service and contributions of a fifth student, Frank Cahir, was also recognised during this ceremony by the award of a Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation.

The film, produced by the respected documentarian Rob Sutherland of Silvereye Films, captures the stories and connections between these brave young men, their families and the university’s long history, dating back to 1881.

“Rob’s work ensures that the sacrifices made by these five brave soldiers are not to be forgotten and that their legacy lives on in the university’s history,” Professor Bill Charman, who was Dean of the Faculty at the time of the Posthumous Degree Ceremony, said.

“Today we commemorate their achievements and remind our students and the broader community of the historical significance of the pharmacy profession and the impressive lineage that our graduates are stepping into.”

The documentary is available for viewing here.

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