Video transcripts

We asked our graduate entry pharmacy students to share their experiences with the aim of helping future students decide if the course is right for them. Below are the transcripts for the videos.

Why did you apply?

STUDENT 1 - Because I wanted to apply my science knowledge with helping people. So, I decided to do a Bachelor of Pharmacy.

STUDENT 2 - So, I like the patient interaction and the clinical side of things, and pharmacy does offer that to its graduates and to all pharmacists.

STUDENT 3 - I really like the clinical side, so, the patient interaction.

STUDENT 4 - In my physiology undergrad I learnt a lot about how drugs affect the body, and that kind of intrigued me and directed me to the field of pharmacy.

STUDENT 5 - Pharmacy has always been something that I wanted to do since high school, and when Monash came up with this program I didn't think twice about applying.

STUDENT 6 - I was doing my honours and didn't want to continue my PhD.

STUDENT 7 - I'd always kind of wanted to be a pharmacist, so when I found the course I jumped on it.

STUDENT 8 - I've always been interested in business management as well health care, and pharmacy's just the perfect platform to do both.

STUDENT 9 - People do go to the pharmacies and visit the pharmacies probably more often than they do to the GP clinics, so, the first thing you do is go to see your pharmacist.

STUDENT 10 - So, I saw that I could apply to pharmacy and decided to give it a shot.

STUDENT 11 - Graduate entry, that's perfect.

What were you doing when you applied?

STUDENT 1 - I was working full time at that time.

STUDENT 2 - I did a Bachelor of Science and I majored in microbiology at Monash, the Clayton campus.

STUDENT 3 - I did a Bachelor of Science and I majored in pharmacology at Melbourne University.

STUDENT 4 - I was finishing some postgrad work over in New Zealand and just thinking what I should do next.

STUDENT 5 - I did my Medical Science at Deakin University last year.

How are you finding the course?

STUDENT 1 - The course is really rewarding in a way that we apply clinical knowledge and they teach us how to really do that, and that's what I'm really after.

STUDENT 2 - I'm finding that I'm enjoying it and finding it lovely.

STUDENT 3 - Yes it was intense at the beginning, and the transition phase did take a bit of adjusting, but I think we're good now!

STUDENT 4 - Very rewarding. It just goes to show that although it's taken a bit longer to get there, I'm finally there.

STUDENT 5 - Yeah, I'm really enjoying it. I'd never done pharmacy before so it was really good to see a bit more of that clinical side.

STUDENT 6 - Yeah, I'm loving the course. It's really good.

How did you find the summer school?

STUDENT 1 - Very challenging as, you know, we went through it.

STUDENT 2 - But it was fun in a way. Meeting all the new people. It was good.

STUDENT 3 - It's all about adhering to a good attitude coming in.

STUDENT 4 - At that stage I was thinking, "How am I going to learn all this stuff?" But now looking back at it, it really, like, gave me a good foundation.

STUDENT 5 - I'd never done any pharmacy related subjects in my undergraduate degree and jumping into summer school was a huge challenge, but I made it, and the future's never looked brighter actually.

STUDENT 6 - They did really give us that foundation to move into pharmacy and see what it's about.

STUDENT 7 - They gave us all the foundation that we needed for this year, and I'm glad we did that.

STUDENT 8 - But the best thing about it was that we made great friends, and we still are friends.

What is it like studying at Parkville Campus?

STUDENT 1 - It is a small campus, you feel like home and everyone is your family basically.

STUDENT 2 - It's a very small-knit community and lecturers are very easy to talk to and to find as well.

STUDENT 3 - I love this whole community here, because everyone you see around the campus, you know who they are.

STUDENT 4 - There's always someone around if you need help. It's great.

STUDENT 5 - It's quite different, such a small campus, but it is good because you get to see a lot more familiar faces, and everyone's studying the same thing as you. So everyone's kind of in the same boat.

Any tips for future students?

STUDENT 1 - I didn't really consider being a pharmacist, but it was just something that came suddenly and I said, "Why Not?!" Good luck! And be prepared. And see you next year!

STUDENT 2 - There's no harm in having a go and having a try, and just see whether or not pharmacy is your thing or not.

STUDENT 3 - Good luck. Come in with an open positive mind, and we'll see you next year.

STUDENT 4 - If this is what you really want to do, whether you've considered it in the past, just go for it.

STUDENT 5 - I'd definitely say come over to Melbourne. It's an amazing place, and the course is really good.

STUDENT 6 - If you've ever considered pharmacy in your career, go for it, this is your time.

STUDENT 7 - If you're not sure what to do next year and you're thinking about pharmacy, definitely apply because it's only 2 years rather than 4 years. So give it a shot.