Master of Pharmacy

The Master of Pharmacy is the final year in the Monash BPharm(Hons)/ MPharm. It is completed in the fifth year of study, concurrent with your internship. Only students who have completed the Monash BPharm(Hons) since 2020 can undertake the MPharm.

What to expect in your fifth year

The fifth year of your degree looks a little different from the first four. For a start, you’ll be working as an intern pharmacist as you complete the 1824 hours of supervised practice required by the Pharmacy Board of Australia (PharmBA) for registration as a pharmacist. You’ll also be completing your first year of entirely postgraduate level study, enabling you to obtain a qualification globally benchmarked against pharmacy degrees in the US and Europe.

How much credit do you need for your master’s?

Your MPharm requires a total of 48 credit points of study taught at master’s level. However, in your fifth year you only need to complete 24 credit points of study, because Monash University pharmacy graduates receive 24 credit points from completion of the inquiry units in third and fourth year (which are also taught at master’s level).

What does the master’s consist of?

The MPharm incorporates two programs: the Monash Intern Training Program (ITP) and the Monash Intern Foundation Program (IFP).

Find out about the Pharmacy Board of Australia’s internship requirements.

Download the 2021 Master of Pharmacy Course Guide here.