A comprehensive list of publications authored by members of the educational team. This list is updated regularly to reflect ongoing research output.

2021Computers & EducationUsing a design-based research approach to develop and study a web-based tool to support collaborative learningLyons K, Lobczowski NG, Greene JA, Whitley J, McLaughlin J
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2020American Journal of Pharmaceutical EducationSustainable pharmacy education in the time of COVID-19Lyons K, Christopoulos A, Brock T
2020Annals of Global HealthIdentifying Perceived Barriers to Human Papillomavirus Vaccination as a Preventative Strategy for Cervical Cancer in NigeriaNguyen NY, Okeke E, Anglemyer A, Brock T
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2020Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning Evaluation of a new educational workplace-based program for provisionally registered pharmacists in Australia.Lim A, Vienet M, Stewart K, McInerney B, Arora G, Galbraith K.
2020Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and LearningInterprofessional peer teaching: The value of a pharmacy student-led pharmacology course for physical therapy studentsHsia S, Tran T, Beechinor R, Gahbauer A, Fitzsimmons A, Brock T
2020DementiaQualitative evaluation of how a virtual dementia experience impacts medical and pharmacy students’ self-reported knowledge and attitudes towards people with dementiaGilmartin-Thomas, McNeil, Powell, Malone, Larson, O’Reilly, Kirkpatrick, Kipen, Petrovich, Ryan-Atwood, Bell
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2020Journal of Medical Education and Curricular DevelopmentEmerging innovations and professional skills needed within pharmacy curriculaMcLaughlin J, Olsen A, Minshew L, Morbitzer K, Brock T
2020Medical EducationA review to characterise and map the growth mindset theory in health professions educationMD Wolcott, JE McLaughlin, A Hann, A Miklavec (our students), GL Beck Dallaghan
2020Medical EducationVirtual workshops to preserve interprofessional education when physical distancingKent F, George J, Lindley J, Brock T
2020Medical Education OnlineImplementing a collaborative medicine and pharmacy educational activity in two countriesBrock T, Vu T, Kavirdelu A, Lee CY, Kent F
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2020PharmacyUsing Simulation to Teach Methods for Improving Patient Literacy about MedicinesMak V, Sandhu AK, Krishnan S
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2020Pharmacy EducationPharmacy student perspectives on learning in and from a global pandemic (accepted)Liu, Kludass, Mak
2020Senior Care PharmacistIntroducing first-year pharmacy students to caring for older people using telehealth (accepted)Mak, Dean
2020Senior Care PharmacistExperiential education in the time of COVID-19: an Australian experienceFurletti S, Wiseman M, Galbraith K
2019American Journal of Pharmaceutical EducationLongitudinal Associations Between Grit, Academic Outcomes, and Residency Match in Pharmacy StudentsGruenberg K, Brock T, MacDougall C
2019American Journal of Pharmaceutical EducationEvaluation of A Situational Judgement Test to Develop Non-Academic Skills in Pharmacy StudentsFiona Patterson, Kirsten Galbraith, Charlotte Flaxman, Carl Kirkpatrick
2019American Journal of Pharmaceutical EducationPerceptions of australian and malaysian educators in an undergraduate pharmacy program on case-based learningSabrina Anne Jacob, Ong Hui Dhing, and Daniel Malone
2019Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and LearningA novel online platform promotes asynchronous class preparation and thought transparencyShin, J., Gruenberg, K., & Brock, T.
2019Encyclopedia of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy (book)Competency standards for clinical pharmacists (book chapter)Bruno, A.a, Eckel, S.b
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2018Pharmacy EducationOnline educational games improve the learning of cardiac pharmacology in undergraduate pharmacy teachingChooi Yeng Lee,Paul J White,Daniel T Malone
2018PloS oneDevelopment of a self-report instrument for measuring in-class student engagement reveals that pretending to engage is a significant unrecognized problemKathryn A Fuller, Nilushi S Karunaratne, Som Naidu, Betty Exintaris, Jennifer L Short, Michael D Wolcott, Scott Singleton, Paul J White
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