Landmark achievement for MyDispense with one million exercises completed

Monash University’s online pharmacy education tool, MyDispense, has this week hit a major milestone with one million exercises completed since its inception.

The award-winning virtual platform was created and launched by the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2011 to help students around the world learn the skills required to progress their careers in pharmacy.


In 2020, with the worldwide shift to online learning, MyDispense experienced huge growth with 88 tertiary institutions from around the globe incorporating the tool into their curriculum. As a result, the total number of tertiary partners has doubled and there are nearly 26,000 students currently benefitting from the tool.

Keith Sewell from FPPS’ Digital Learning and Technologies, said: “It’s gratifying to know that in the few short years since its launch, a million exercises have now been completed in MyDispense.”

“It’s been particularly rewarding to work with the dozens of tertiary partners from across the globe throughout the pandemic to ensure pharmacy students have not had to miss out on honing their professional abilities, despite the major disruptions to on-campus learning.”

MyDispense enables students to practise the skills of a professional pharmacist, from novice to highly advanced, in a safe online environment anytime, anywhere – all that’s required is an internet connection.

Students undertake scenarios where patients can present with prescription or self-care requirements, and are also challenged with validation tasks requiring them to check the work of virtual colleagues for accuracy, legality and medicine safety.

“With MyDispense, students are able to practise their dispensing skills within simulated community and hospital pharmacies in a way that is designed to build knowledge, improve cognitive proficiency and develop important soft skills such as professional values and attitudes,” says Mr Sewell.

“MyDispense was designed with the intent to be shared freely with the pharmacy education community so we’re very happy to be offering this resource to students during these unprecedented circumstances.”

MyDispense was designed and developed entirely by Monash University and has won several accolades, including bronze and silver at the Reimagine Education Awards in 2018 and the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Programs that Enhance Learning in 2019.

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