Alistair Lloyd Scholarship for Excellence and Leadership

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The Alistair Lloyd Scholarship for Excellence and Leadership supports high-achieving and community-focused students with strong leadership capabilities reach their full potential and make a real difference to people's lives and the future of pharmacy.

The scholarship pays $10,000 per year to a student commencing a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) degree at the Faculty.  This scholarship was first awarded in 2015 and will be awarded every two years.

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has proudly created the Alistair Lloyd Scholarship for Excellence and Leadership in honour of philanthropist, pharmacy industry stalwart, inaugural chair of the Victorian College of Pharmacy Foundation (now the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Foundation) and valued friend of the Faculty, Alistair Lloyd.

"Over a long and rewarding career, I have had the privilege of being part of the continuous growth of our profession and witnessing the real life impact it can have on the community. I was awarded the Kodak Travelling Scholarship in 1957, which allowed me to travel and study overseas, gaining invaluable skills and knowledge that were instrumental for my professional future. I hope this scholarship gives promising young pharmacists the same opportunities I've had to pursue a fulfilling and worthwhile pharmacy career." Alistair Lloyd AO RFD ED

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How the Alistair Lloyd Scholarship for Excellence and Leadership has benefited our students

"Thank you for supporting my education journey.  The scholarship has really helped reduce my worries as an interstate student and allowed me to focus more on my studies.  It has reduced much of the financial burden on my family and I extend my deepest appreciation to you as I can finally give back to my family for all the sacrifices they have made for me.”

Hao Man Chung
2019 Scholarship Recipient

"This scholarship has truly allowed me to push myself outside my comfort zone and helped me become a better leader, person and future pharmacist.  I would like to thank all the donors for allowing me to follow my passion in pharmacy and leadership. I would not have been able to take on this wealth of opportunities without your generosity.”

Amelia Miklavec
2017 Scholarship Recipient

The scholarship provided me with confidence and encouragement to pursue my pharmacy goals and I am continually humbled and grateful to have been the inaugural recipient.”

Lauren Crawley
2015 Scholarship Recipient

Supporting the Alistair Lloyd Scholarship for Excellence and Leadership

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Read more about the previous recipients of the Alistair Lloyd Scholarship for Excellence and Leadership

2019 scholarship recipient
Hao Man Chung   Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)

I am a first-year pharmacy student who originally lived and grew up in Adelaide, South Australia; a nice and homey city well-known for its wineries.  However, I decided to move to Melbourne for my tertiary studies.  Although the pharmacy degree is also available in Adelaide, I chose to study at Monash as I felt that the integrated Masters degree at Monash would prepare me more adequately as a pharmacist.

I liked the interactive approach that Monash offered which not only prepares me in terms of knowledge, but also in areas of occupational skills, including team work, communication and empathy. Moreover, I felt that moving to a new city would be a good opportunity to develop independence and explore myself as an individual.

In taking on this adventure which you have supported me on, I hope that I can develop the skills and abilities required to become a well-rounded health professional that can effectively address the needs of my patients and reduce the struggle of medication-related problems. If given the opportunity, I would also like to contribute to the progression of healthcare and provide innovative solutions to addressing the challenges of medication-related problems, such as with partnered pharmacist medical charting.  To achieve this, I would like to focus on developing myself as a well-rounded student.  In addition to learning the material, I have found myself a part-time job at a community pharmacy to extend and apply my knowledge. When I get used to the new routine, I will start incorporating other leadership and hospital pharmacy opportunities where possible.

I have been doing well with my studies and my grades from last semester turned out well.  However, I do believe that I have the potential to aim higher so I will be working towards refining my study habits and routines to aid me in achieving this goal.  Over the holidays, I returned to Adelaide and I did a month of work experience at a community pharmacy which I gained more experience.  It really helped me connect to my course and the career that I am pursuing, which helps give more meaning to my studies.

This semester seems to be quite challenging with a triple unit of chemistry.  Nonetheless, it is quite intriguing to learn how drugs interact with our bodies and vice versa. It really makes me wonder how complex yet interesting our bodies are.  The OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) and the professional aspect of the course are also quite daunting and work experience greatly helps with this.  I would like to observe and practice my skills in preparation for that as I understand that communication to accommodate for people’s emotional needs is something that is challenging to grasp and require experience to develop.

Currently, I am working towards achieving a good work-life balance and will hopefully be ready to add some leadership roles and opportunities into the equation next year.

2017 scholarship recipient
Amelia Miklavec   Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)

I am incredibly honoured to be the recipient of the 2017 Alistair Lloyd Excellence and Leadership Scholarship.  I am extremely grateful to the donors for their generosity.  The scholarship has enabled me to continue to follow my passion for leadership and volunteering whilst completing my degree.  Receiving this scholarship provided me not only with the luxury of having more time to focus on my studies without the burden of extra work hours, but it has also instilled me with the confidence to chase new and exciting opportunities.

I have enjoyed being a peer mentor for the incoming first year students for the past two years, and also being an ambassador for the university.  It has been extremely rewarding building relationships with and assisting students like myself settle into university.  Being an ambassador has been a great way to give back to the university that has allowed me to achieve so much, and it has been a privilege to work with such a great group of students and staff.  It has been an honour representing the campus through assisting and leading at events such as open days and campus tours.

Aside from the confines of the Parkville Pharmacy Campus, I have also enjoyed venturing out and working with students and staff from other disciplines through becoming a member of the Monash University Society for Healthcare Improvement (MUSHI).  Together with those from different healthcare backgrounds, such as medicine and nursing, I have helped to design the backbone for a new society that aims to enhance the skills of students so they can better contribute to the multidisciplinary healthcare team, resulting in better patient care.  Both this society and multiple student placements have allowed me to appreciate the many roles a pharmacist can play, and this has really motivated me to explore what my career as a pharmacist could look like.

In order to help gain more of an insight into my future as a pharmacist, I have also been lucky enough to have been selected to complete an SHPA Summer Student Placement at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. I am really looking forward to this experience, and am very excited to be able to contribute to a very challenging field of healthcare. Throughout my student placements, I have really enjoyed working in the hospital setting, so I am incredibly delighted to be able to gain more knowledge in this area through this placement.

Another area of pharmacy I am keen to explore with the help of this scholarship is the role of pharmacists on an international scale.  I am extremely grateful to have been selected to complete part of my studies at the University of North Carolina for 8 weeks next year.  I’m immensely grateful to be a part of the first group of students being offered this opportunity, and I’m really looking forward to learning about the differences in healthcare on a global scale.  I hope that from this experience I’ll be able to take home the aspects of their healthcare system that work well and work towards implementing them here in the Australian healthcare system to help provide better care to the community.

This scholarship has truly allowed me to push myself outside my comfort zone and helped me become a better leader, person and future pharmacist.  I would like to thank all the donors for allowing me to follow my passion in pharmacy and leadership.  I would not have been able to take on this wealth of opportunities without your generosity.

2015 scholarship recipient
Lauren Crawley   Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)

This last year has been incredibly busy and exciting with graduating from Monash University with a Bachelor of Pharmacy, marrying my now husband, undertaking an internship with the Monash Health Pharmacy Department and passing my final pharmacy intern exams.

I’ve loved all the challenges and new experiences that have come with interning at Victoria’s largest healthcare network.  Areas I’ve especially enjoyed have included my paediatric, oncology and sterile manufacturing rotations.

I enjoyed the intellectual challenge of working in oncology and paediatrics, as well as connecting with the patients there.  I've always had an interest in paediatrics, and during my high school and university years I spent time volunteering in HIV/AIDs orphanages overseas.

The experiences I gathered volunteering have fostered a passion and an interest in paediatrics.  It was incredibly rewarding working in oncology as an intern pharmacist, as we were heavily involved in the patient's care and contributed to many decisions.

Sterile manufacturing was unlike anything I have ever done, and I enjoyed how different it was to practice in a dispensary or in a ward and the challenge of new skills.  Initially it was really difficult, as the sterile way of thinking and operating,

was so different to anyway I'd worked before.  The team was really patient with me, and during my time there I learnt a lot and developed new skills.

After my intern year I hope to continue working in hospital pharmacy and pursue my new-found interests in paediatrics and oncology pharmacy.  I am incredibly thankful for the support and opportunities the Alistair Lloyd Scholarship has provided me with.

Pharmacists are in a unique position in hospitals to be able to offer advice and contribution as decisions are being made for patients. This allows for timely optimisation of medication regimens.  I look forward to contributing to better optimisation and increased safety of medication for patients in our community.  Hospital pharmacy offers many exciting avenues including expanding the roles of pharmacist to include partnered prescribing of medications in emergency departments and dosing of medicines including warfarin and aminoglycoside antibiotics.  I hope to contribute to and grow the role of pharmacists in optimising medication safety through prescribing and dosing of medications.  The medications people take have such a big impact on their quality of life, recovery from illness and disease state management. Therefore, it's so important that we get patient's medications right while they're in hospital, to help give them the best possible outcomes after discharge.