Undergraduate credit transfer policy

Credit transfer

Note: Credit applications will not be considered for the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) / Master of Pharmacy program until further notice, due to the unique, integrated nature of the curriculum.

Credit is assessed by the faculty for prior learning that is considered equivalent to Monash University study. Credit transfer may be granted for previous learning in a University or TAFE course, or accredited course offered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or overseas equivalents of these.

Applications for credit transfer should be submitted to Student Services by early February each year. Late applications will be accepted up until the end of week 1 of Semester 1.

  • Credit will not be given for units with a near pass or terminating pass grade
  • For credit to be granted, the previous learning must be equivalent to at least 80% of the content, learning outcomes and weighting of the Monash unit.
  • Credit will not be given for studies completed more than 10 years ago
  • Credit will be granted for recent, equivalent coursework, not experience
  • Credit may be given for units up to the following limit:
    • The student must satisfactorily complete at Monash University at least 48 credit points in the course, or not less than half the course, whichever is less. For example in the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (3 years full time = 144 credit points), students are eligible for a maximum of 96 credit points.
    • Applications must be submitted upon admittance for the full duration of the course. Later applications will not be considered.

Granting of credit is not guaranteed. Each application is assessed on a case by case basis.

Further information is available online.

Application instructions

  1. Apply using the online credit application.
  2. Each application (for each unit to be assessed) must be accompanied by:
    • an official transcript or results obtained from previous studies (plus copies if required); and
    • a copy of subject syllabus(es) at the time the studies were taken (plus copies if required); and
    • if the subject syllabus or unit outline does not indicate the full content of the unit, evidence (workbook or notes) to prove the material has been covered can also be submitted.
  3. Timely applications are due early February. Late applications will be accepted up to early March, but in order for credit to be assessed prior to Semester 1 commencing you should submit your application no later than mid-February. There is generally a three week turnaround time on credit assessments.
  4. You should not consider exemptions granted until you have received official notification from the faculty. Check your Monash email account.
  5. Your enrolment will be confirmed once you accept any credit granted. In most cases, you will still be required to complete the full duration of the degree (unless you have been granted one full year of credit points).


Assessment is based on the documentation submitted and it is your responsibility to submit all of the relevant paperwork at the time your application is submitted if you wish to receive an appropriate assessment. The faculty considers credit assessment outcomes to be final.

Appeals may not be made against the academic assessment of equivalence of study in a credit decision.

If extenuating circumstances prevented you from submitting the appropriate information, you can appeal the credit decision in writing by contacting the Undergraduate Coursework Manager. The appeal will then be considered by the Associate Dean Education, relevant Course Director and the relevant Unit Coordinator. The student will be notified of the appeal outcome in writing.