Principal dates for 2021

University semester datesSee main Monash site
Year 2  
Semester 2
Hospital StEPHospital StEP 22 November to 10 December*
*Each student attends 5 day placement during this period, allocations available on Moodle in Semester 2, assumed finish date is 10 December
Year 3 Graduate Entry  Program  
Year 3  
Semester 1StEP17 to 28 May**
Semester 2StEP 6 - 17 September**
 StEP20 September - 1 October (incorporates mid-semester break)**
** Students attend two of these three placements. Individual students will be advised.
Year 4  

Semester 1***

On-campus day 1 February
StEP/Inquiry project starts 2 February
On-campus day 8 March
On-campus day 19 April
On-campus day 7 June
***Individual student schedules available on Moodle including timing of breaks.
Elective rural and remote placement 5 July to 13 August****
****Note this placement commences 3 weeks earlier than start of Semester 2