Immunisation compliance

It is a mandatory requirements for all students to complete all immunisation and testing requirements in order to commence placements as part of the Professional Experience Placement program and the Student Experiential Placement program.

How long does it take to complete all the immunisation requirements?

Students are advised to commence their immunisations as soon as possible as it can take a few months to complete all the immunisation requirements. It also depends on what immunisations you have already completed.

Students can attend the University Health Services, Monash Infection Assessment Clinic or their own GP, to review and update their immunisation requirements. If students attend their own GP they will need  to advise their GP that all immunisation requirements as listed on the form (form 1) are required. If immunisation documentation is incomplete or incorrect, student placements could be delayed or cancelled which means that students will be unable to meet the placement requirements of the course.

Immunisation procedure flow chart – student information

Flow chart

Immunisation documents and forms

Vaccination and immunisation Guidelines (PDF, 0.19 MB)

Student Immunisation Procedure Flowchart (PDF, 0.12 MB)

Form One: Immunisation Compliance

Form Two – Statement of Compliance - Influenza (PDF, 0.52 MB)